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I Botany Bay - Bethan Gwanas

Seeing as @seren mentioned it … This is a really interesting concept that BG pulled off excellently. It tells the story of a real Welsh girl by the name of Ann Lewis with a lot of poetic license thrown in. Basically the history records show who she was and where she was at certain stages of her life and Bethan Gwanas has filled in the gaps to create a wonderful, exciting life story for this girl. I can’t go into more detail incase you are the only person who doesn’t know how this ends.

This book is aimed at an adult, first language audience so you can take from that what you will. It is, however, worth the effort even if you have to read it in your right hand with a dictionary permantly in your left.


New detective novel by new Aberystwyth author. I haven’t found a translation of the announcement but you may be able to gather that it is a detective novel in the Scandi-noir tradition adding to Aber’s reputation as a hot-bed of crime - but we all knew that anyway.
Title: Ar Drywydd Llofrudd / “On the Ride of an Assassin ??”
Author:: Alun Davies


I should probably be starting of with books for learners and the like, but like the first book I ever read as an adult (as opposed to being forced to read mice and men over and over in class at school), I’ll probably try the deep end. Are there any fantasy writers that I can look up? I am a fan of Robert Jordan, Bran Sanderson, Robin Hobb, and of course Tolkien. Anything like that yn Cymraeg?


Would tips on where to find/buy books be appropriate here?

On-line and also in Wales (maybe in UK too?) for the times we decide to take a trip there. :wink:


Amazon UK certainly sell some of them. The Bethan Gwanas and Lois Arnold books, among others, are on Amazon. There’s also Gomer and Y Lolfa

#46, the on-line bookshop of the Welsh Books Council, should be able to provide pretty much every Welsh book in print (and for every purchase they’ll make a contribution to a Welsh bookshop which you can nominate :slight_smile:)
Also if you ever happen to be in Caernarfon, Palas Print is excellent


Have to agree with approval of Lois Arnold books. I have ‘e-ffindiau’ and ‘ffenestri’ and am enjoying both. She shows real understanding of the effort needed by Welsh learners to read Welsh. I’m an enthusiastic SSIW 6 month learner and fully appreciate the emphasis in that marvellous course on spoken Welsh, but wanted to be able to read as well. L.A. is perfect for me.


Bethan Gwanas has just put this picture up on twitter …


Oh, that’s fantastic news! I’ve been waiting for it for almost 10 months!


I don’t know the release date but the cover is ready. :grin:


Excellent - this looks really intriguing! :slight_smile:


Remember that this will be, as it says on the back cover, “yr ail yn nhrioleg y Melanai” (the second of the Melanai trilogy) with “Efa” being the first.

(Link to @seren’s review of Efa … The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓 )


According to the UK Amazon the paperback is already available. Oh, lucky, lucky people in the UK:)


It’s available to pre-order at the moment but not published till 14th October 2018.


Hey everyone,
As an add on to this topic, I’m curious to learn how you are reading these books?

Are you:

  • Buying the physical copy
  • Buying an e-book
  • Borrowing the physical copy from a local library
  • Borrowing a digital copy from an e-library

Does anyone know if there is something similar to the Kindle Lending Library available for us Welsh speakers to “borrow” books that way?



Personally I always try to buy a physical copy of the book for a few reasons …

  1. I love reading a real book. The feel, the smell, how the look together on a shelf.
  2. I try to support my local Welsh bookshop.
  3. I try to support the authors as much as I can.

There’s something magical about a book and I try to keep them in perfect condition when reading them.

I’ve just pre-ordered “Y Diffeithwch Du” this morning. :slight_smile:


I only have one Welsh book at the moment (Ffenestri) which I bought, but I will get more and I will be buying a physical copy. I just much prefer holding and reading from a paper book rather than holding a gadget and reading from a screen.

Although I haven’t checked, I find it unlikely that my local library will have Welsh literature.


I buy nearly all my books through Kindle now. With the number I read, I’d find it hard to afford bookshop prices for them all and we don’t actually have any room in the house for any more (I’m not kidding).

As you may have found, there are some Welsh language books available on Kindle including some that are mentioned on this valuable thread but, I admit, the choice is not huge.

If you live in Wales, I would thoroughly recommend the public library service, although mobile libraries (includig our local one) are sadly suffering from swingeing local authority cuts.


I totally understand that. I’m a little split on this subject, the feel, smell, etc. of a real book are great and I love the texture of the pages as I turn them. However, I also love the ability to have a book on my kindle app on my phone, so I can read a paragraph or two on the go.

Thanks for your feedback!


Living in the US, I can pretty much guarantee my local library won’t have Welsh literature. Interestingly, there are ~3,000 books available in Welsh through Kindle Unlimited. Although I totally get your stance on the physical book rather than holding a gadget.