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Thatโ€™s the strength of the Welsh economy. :wink:


A colleague of mine mentioned he was giving away some of the books heโ€™s aquired over the years so I asked him if he had any suitable for learners. He has given me some which, although not directly aimed at learners (some are aimed at children though), he thought might be suitable.
If anyone would like one or more of these, just let me know and if you donโ€™t happen to be close enough to Caernarfon to pick them up Iโ€™d be happy to post them to you wherever you are.

  1. Chwedlau Gwlad Groeg - Juli Phillips
  2. Storiau Deg Munud - Elina Owen
  3. Cipioโ€™r Cerddor - Hilma lloyd Edwards
  4. Trwy Awyr Wenfflam - J Selwyn Lloyd
  5. Y Saethau Duon - J Selwyn Lloyd
  6. Straeon . dot . com - various, edited by Gordon Jones
  7. Llygad Y Ddrycin - J Selwyn Lloyd


Ffyrdd y Wlad - Welsh Whisperer

A entertaining and humorous book by the Welsh Whisperer. Itโ€™s not quite an autobiography, more like a collection of anecdotes from his career as a welsh country folk singer. The language is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. I actually found it easier than some level Uwch books for learners Iโ€™ve read. Itโ€™s only 80 pages long, including plenty of pictures. Also contains the lyrics to some of his most popular songs. :articulated_lorry: :tractor: :man_farmer:


I heard about the Amdani series last year. I understood that 20 new books were published at various levels of learning. I have not bought any yet as there are 4 publishers and I found it difficult to know which would be right for me and could only find a couple of books with each publisher. (:roll_eyes: I am not good at this.)
Does anyone know if there is one list of these new books, complete with the relevant levels and which of the 4 publishers have them? In my search I found another older book but also under the Amdani name so I am a little confused. Though it doesnโ€™t take much to confuse me these days :joy:


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gives a link to a description of the books on


Brilliant, thank you, I will have a browse later. :hugs:


Cheers @hishev
I can sing along to lori Mansel Davies now. :ok_hand: