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I am reading this book at the moment, and struggling a bit, so the tip about the dialect is very helpful. This was one of my purchases in a Caernarfon charity shop last holiday.



Just ordered this as my first welsh read … not sure if it’s going to be a bit too adventurous at the moment so I also ordered a welsh picture dictionary haha … looking forward to giving it a try :blush: Glad I’ve found this thread … love books and can’t wait to start a welsh collection :books:


I’d like most of these to be honest, Anthony!


Hi Anthony, I am interested in this book. Please let me know how much postage and packaging is and how to send this to you. Is it via Pay Pal?

Best wishes Eve.


I have send a private message :slight_smile:


I have sent you a private message :slight_smile:


I’d like Coed Y Brenin if possible, please. Tried and failed to get a copy on my last visit to a Welsh bookshop.


Currently @micaela-bester has got first dibs on these all except Un Noson Dywyll which is going to @eve-3. Have a chat with her. It might be that she reads it first and then sends it on to you?? :blush:


You can have it @Cetra I’ll have my hands full with all the others!


Thank you Micaela! :slight_smile:


Would love some books specifically for beginners. I’m only on level 1 challenge 21 but have started buying a few kids book to hopefully help me.


Hi Claire,

They’ve all been rehomed now but hopefully they’ll be passed on again :slight_smile:


Ok thank you for letting me know.



Mochyn Gwydr by Irma Chilton.
I found this book for teenagers difficult at first, partly because there were a lot of new words and partly because I initially really disliked Sandra. She is dishonest, deceitful and rude, and she exploits people, particularly Dewi. After a while I started to want things to turn out well for her. Then I realised that my desired outcomes for Sandra were a product of my own ideas and expectations. Then I started to question my ideas and expectations. That has to be a good book, cleverly written. It was winner of the Prose Medal in 1989.


Pedair Cainc Y Mabinogi by Siân Lewis.
I have a vague memory of reading these stories long ago in English. It seemed high time that I had a try in Welsh and this version for quite young children proved to be suitable and enjoyable. There are lots of illustrations, and there is a handy who’s who in the front. Maybe one day I will try a fuller version, but this is fine for now.


Thank you for the suggestion, I was looking for something in addition to Amdani. I have ordered it through my local library.


TriDegTri - Euron Griffith

Here’s a bit of a weird story of a hitman with a difference. Meirion Fôn is working as a hitman to be able to afford to keep his mum in a luxurious old people’s home. He has a talent for his job, a surprising talent that allows him into the world of his targets with ease.

Then, one day, he get’s a new envelope … number thirty three.

A really good, entertaining book that kept me intrigued right to the end … then left me a little confused if I’m honest :grin: This book is not at all aimed at learners or teenagers so would not recommend this to a beginner level reader. I would say also that the story is a bit to-and-fro so a good grasp of what’s going on is needed throughout so the more proficient the better for this one.


I got a copy of Y Mabinogi for Christmas, and guiltily remembered it when I saw your post. It’s also for children, but perhaps older ones, as there’s a lot of text and just a few good drawings. Will report back on how I get on!


Has anyone read “Y Blaned Dirion” by Islwyn Ffowc Elis? I picked it up for £1 from a bargain table recently. I’ve been telling myself I’m not going to buy any more books until I’ve read all the ones I’ve already got, but couldn’t resist a book by a classic author!

I didn’t really get into it at first, but it’s got me hooked now - Welsh SciFi if you’re interested!

4 days later - I had to shut the book and force myself to go to sleep at midnight last night … yes, I think I’m enjoying it :slight_smile:


Amdani! - Bethan Gwanas

Written under Bethan Evans in case you can’t find it anywhere.

I remember talking to Bethan outside the Galeri in Caernarfon before the party earlier this year, she told me about the sequel to ‘Gwrach y gwyllt’ and how she feels embarassed writing sexy scenes … well, that obviously didn’t bother her when she was writing this book! Not for the prudish.

It’s a story about a women’s rugby team being set up and all the shenanigans that the members get up to on and off the pitch.

Considering that this is obviously aimed at the adult market it it very accessable and easy to read, maybe that’s because I’m so used to Bethan’s writing style by now, this being the 18th BG book I’ve read.

Small bit of trivia … the lady on the front you may recognise from Rownd a Rownd, y Wal, y Mynyddoedd, and others … it’s the one and only Ffion Dafis.