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I’ve had to put this one down as it’s a bit above my level at the moment…i keep trying to read it but it defeats me every time


I have several books like that at the moment.


Incidentally, regarding the Cyfres Amdani books in Kindle/Electronic version -
Does anyone know how to access the definitions of the bold type words and phrases directly, or do I need to go to the glossary at the back each time? OK, I could have the glossary open in another tab, but I just thought that I’d ask :slight_smile:


Hi John,

If you select any text on the Kindle App (any book) on my iPhone it offers a Wikipedia, translation and dictionary pop up, although sadly this is nowhere near as good as it sounds / could be.

I’m not sure if this facility exists on other devices

Rich :slight_smile:


I’ve just started reading Yn Ei Gwsg gan Bethan gwanas. Mae’n ddoniol. Dw i’n hoffi fe. It’s level sylfaen and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be as now it’s using roedd which the mynediad wasn’t.(I read one mynediad maybe I’m jumping ahead) And then I realised it’s North Wales,Welsh. I am going to persevere, I’m never sure whether to go easier or stick with something challenging. But I’ve bought the harder books :rofl:


Hi @jen

I have had a lot of books that seem hard for about three chapters and then usually the brain adjusts somehow - it’s weird :smile:

Dal ati for 4 chapters - see what happens! (as long as your enjoying it of course!) :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch. I am enjoying it so we’ll see if my brain adjusts :slight_smile:


I’ve done a bit of both @jen. A little bit easier is a good confidence boost to help you realise how much you’ve learned already and a bit harder is, of course, a good way of learning new stuff and challenging yourself. The main thing is to enjoy it. When the fun stops, stop!


Just finished this trilogy and really recommend it! :slight_smile: It’s aimed a teenagers but makes an excellent next step after books for learners. It’s a ripping story too, but be warned, the first one is a massive cliff hanger so you won’t want to wait long to get the next one! :slight_smile: Here’s a trailer:


I need to make room on my bookshelf for more Bethan Gwanas books :rofl:so these are up for grabs! :slight_smile: Either swop or sell :slight_smile: image


Merch Y Gwyllt - Bethan Gwanas

I’m not sure that many things are worth waiting 17 years for like some people had to wait for this sequel but I only read the first one a few years ago so I didn’t have to. :joy:

This is the follow up to Gwrach y Gwyllt (read about that here … The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓 ) and is in the same vein so if you enjoyed the first one, which I did, then this one is a must. It follows Meg’s life as she grows up from birth through to adulthood with her “mum” and two “aunties” … I really don’t want to give details for fear of spoiling the first book for those that haven’t read it yet (where have you been?). This is obviously a story about witches with lots of spell casting, etc. but don’t expect Harry Potter! There is, though, a nice little mention for SaySomethinginWelsh, brilliant!

Thoroughly enjoyable, highly recommended, really, really excellent. Bethan says in the prelogue that … “Gyda llaw, mae’n well darllen Gwrach y Gwyllt cyn Merch y Gwyllt, ond nid yw’n anghenreidiol.” (By the way, it’s better to read GyG before MyG, but it’s not necessary.)

This is not suitable for children or prudish people … there’s even a warning on the back cover, “Oherwydd ei ieithwedd a’i themau, nid yw’r llyfr hwn yn addas i blant.” With that in mind it’s not written with learners in mind … enjoy with a dictionary if needed … but enjoy all the same.


Hey, I’d be really interested in the top three - I was aiming to buy them anyway! Let me know somehow if this is possible (I’m new to the forum).


Hi Davey! Cysgod and eFfrindiau are available for you :slight_smile: I had an enquiry about Ffenestri so I’ll just chase that up before confirming. I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile:


All the books I posted above are now on their way to new homes, so happy reading everyone! :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll have some others up for grabs soon though! :slight_smile:


Adar o’r Unlliw - Catrin Lliar Jones

I’m feeling very privileged to have been given the chance to read this book before it arrives in the shops. I’m not going to lie in order to stay in Catrin’s good books, I’m going to give it my completely honest opinion … so here goes.

For anyone that read "O Mam Bach’ (read that one here The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓 ) that came out a couple of years ago you may remember Catrin’s short story about Luned, a mum of two trying to survive a day at the Denbigh eisteddfod with a hungry month old baby … well this is the follow up to that. Life is never, and probably will never, be easy for Luned but with a loving, caring husband and a couple of close friends now in her life she’ll get through it. A young lady called Shoned in the next bed in the maternity ward decides to try to build a friendship with Luned (despite Luned’s efforts), and despite their differences there’s a connection that can’t be ignored.

This story starts off quite high paced with a lot of laughs, I was very amused by Shoned’s million mile an hour way of speaking, her dialogue is brilliant (reminded me of Mel, the new character in RaR, Kelvin’s GF). There’s a lot here to keep you turning them pages, the pace doesn’t slow down much through the whole book. I love how we see the unusual, not always straightforward, way that friendships can grow.

In the couple of weeks since reading this I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I love the way that it’s made me think about my family unit. How time with loved ones is precious. How supporting and showing love to your kids is the most important thing in the world. A lot of long lasting insecurities start during childhood in the home. Maybe I got it wrong but that’s my take.

I genuinely enjoyed reading this (I know I was asked to but that’s not the point! :wink:) and couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. It will truly deserve its place on my Welsh book shelf amongst my other favourite authors.

It’s been written for an adult audience so expect the language to be more advanced. I believe Catrin is going to create a vocab list to help with reading this as a learner … so less need to keep looking in a dictionary.

Adar o'r Unlliw :open_book:
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Diolch o waleod calon Geraint!

I really appreciate your detailed review and very generous words. I’m super excited to see it published, whilst also remaining super nervous about how it will be received. Geraint is right, a vocab list will be available to anyone brave enough to give it a go, to help with the reading experience.

Thank you all for your support. :slight_smile:


Diddorol iawn. I also read & enjoyed Gwrach y Gwyllt very much indeed. I have just started Merch y Gwyllt and already loving it. ‘Amdani’ by Bethan Gwanas was the first book i read in Welsh as a very new SSiW er a few years. I love reading Welsh books and Bethan Gwanas is definately my favourite Welsh author. Can’t wait to get to work this afternoon to read my next chapter at dinner break!


Ffasiwn Steddfod - Catrin Lliar Jones

I read this short story almost 2 years ago and, seeing as we’ve just chosen this as our little book club piece in preperation for the imminent release of Adar o’r Unlliw, thought I’d better read it again.

It’s one of the short stories included in O, Mam Bach which is very worth a read (see here The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓) and includes stories from an amazing list of female Welsh writers.

This is a really funny account of a young mother’s attempts at a pampered day out at the Denbigh Eisteddfod with a one month old baby along for the ride. Maybe that posh dress wasn’t the best choice Luned could make with a hungry baby eager for a feed.

I’ve read a lot of books since reading this for the first time so I found it so much easier this time and have to admit that I didn’t appreciate it to the same extent back then. I’m so glad I read it again. At just over 10 pages long it took about 45 minutes to read (I read quite slow in english so even slower in my second language, obviously) so quite comfortable for anyone to complete in a single sitting.

O, Mam Bach should be on everyone’s bookshelf, it really is a great read.


I’ve finished with these books so they are up for grabs - either swop or sell. :slight_smile: Sgwp! is my favourite out of the Lois Arnold books that I’ve read so far :slight_smile: image


Just started SGWP. How much for the other two titles?