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Is it the same sort of level of difficulty Cetra?


IIRC it’s similar, but a little harder/more advanced.


Yes, about the same :slight_smile: I think you’ll enjoy it Emma! :slight_smile:


It’s going on my Christmas wish list :smile:


I’ve just added e-ffrindiau to my amazon wish list - not really sure why, though, as I can barely speak the welsh language yet at all! Good goals to aim for though. I looked up Bethan Gwnas and have put a book from her in the list as well, so I don’t forget. I’m only on lesson 22 of level one, so I’ve a long way to go and I don’t have much time to devote to the lessons at the moment. It’s funny really, as it seems obvious now, but it never occurred to me to think about reading Welsh books as a way of using the language. This thread is really inspiring. Thank you to everyone for all the great suggestions.


These are brilliant books with excellent and quirky characters!! :slight_smile:

@neil-pyper Y Ddynes Ddirgel is a sequel to Dirgel Dyn - you will love these if you enjoyed Dan Gadarn Goncrit :slight_smile:


Bore da pawb. Attempting to read Sgwp after so many positive reviews on here. Flying through it. After three days I’m almost at the end of page three. :grin: I’m on challenge 20 level 1 with the weekly emails but have been doing extra lessons through the week so just started level 3. Needing to check dictionary’s a fair bit but loving the challenge. Hoping sometime soon I won’t interpret everything into English in my brain. Diolch am ddarllen.


Dyma fy nhadcu @RichardBuck


Dw i’n gwybod, rŵan - wnaeth rhywun dweud wrtha fi at y parti pen-blwydd yng Nghaernarfon. @johnwilliams_6, dw i’n meddwl :slight_smile:

Ar ôl Corff ar y Traeth wnes i ddarllen a mwynhau Barti Ddu, hefyd.


I find that I can’t translate in my head if I read aloud. Also it’s good speaking practice. Worth a try?


Diolch am y “tip”. I’ll try that later. Page 40 now. Also bought Gareth Kings dictionary to avoid using google translate too much. Really enjoying it. Not sure it’ll help with the learning. Finding level three tough going. Diolch eto.


I agree with @caroline-18. If I read aloud, it slows me down and gives my brain more time to process the meaning without trying to translate. I am used to reading quickly in English and I naturally try to do the same in Welsh if I don’t read aloud, but, unless it is really easy, my eyes go faster than my brain and I soon lose the plot.


This is exactly my problem. I’m a really fast reader, and I have have no patience with not being able to read quickly (which I quite obviously can’t in Welsh.) I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the journey…


Prynhawn Da pawb :slight_smile:

Dwi newydd yma - ddim wedi siarad Cymraeg ers ysgol (tua 30 blwyddyn yn ol).

Dwi just wedi darllen “Some Sex And A Hill” a dwi’n teimlo u hiraeth!

30 blwyddyn yn ol, roeddwn i’n eitha fluent. Ond rwan … dwi ddim yn gallu deall y radio neu’r teledu a dwi’n byw yn Lloegr - neb i siarad efo!

Dwi wedi pryni 2 llyfr Roald Dahl (Ebay - £2 yr un!) i practice ond y bore ma, dwi wedi weld y thread yma!

Sgwp, Coed Y Brenin and Cysgod Yn Y Coed …

Pa un yw’r best?
Ydyn nhw un iawn i mi?

Diolch :slight_smile:

[Edited to include a translation!]

Good afternoon everyone

I’m new here - Haven’t spoken Welsh since i was in school, about 30 years ago!
I’ve just finished reading “Some Sex and a Hill” and started to feel nostalgic about he language and culture I’ve lost.

30 years ago, I was reasonably fluent. But now, I can’t understand the radio or the telly, and (living in England), there’s nobody to speak to!

I’ve bought a couple of Roald Dahl books (from Ebay - £2 each!) to practice and this morning, I saw this thread.

Sgwp, Coed Y Brenin and Cysgod Yn Y Coed …

Which one is the best?
Would they be OK for me?

Thank You!


Welcome to the forum Sarah :slight_smile:

You still seem to be pretty fluent - it just sounds like your ears are a little out of practice! And as for no-one to speak to, we can fix that - there are loads of people to chat with on our Slack “Welsh Speaking Practice” group (just email for an invite)

I’m sure someone will be able to help with your question about the books soon.

Because you’re new, you probably don’t realise that we ask those who want to write in Welsh to also give an English translation for new learners who aren’t that far advanced so that they can also follow the thread. :slight_smile:


@siaronjames Thank You!

I’ll edit my post to include a translation!


Hi @sarah-roberts,
I suspect that Coed Y Brenin would be much too easy for you. Sgwp is an enjoyable story and it might be worth starting with that. Cysgod Yn Y Coed is a collection of graded short stories, so you could go through and find what level suits you.
I’m sure that you will gradually remember all that you used to know. Your original post seemed pretty fluent to me. You may find that people speak in a much more informal way these days than they did when you were in school.
There’s “Welsh Speaking Practice” as Siaron said. In “normal” times there are also groups in many parts of England who meet to speak Welsh and some of these have now gone online. Do you get the SSiW newsletter? This gives information about local groups.
Best wishes,


@Betterlatethan Thanks for the reply!

I’ve managed to order a second hand copy of Cysgod Yn Y Coed, so I’ll het Sgwp and give the other a miss for now. Thanks.

The Welsh Speaking practice sounds ideal, I’ll definitely try and get a long to some calls. As for local events, I found a group that usually (non Covid times) meets in a Welsh cafe in Manchester - that’s not far from me and i didn’t even know the cafe existed, let alone the group!



Be’ dach chi’n byw, Sarah? Ym Meinceinion?

Where do you live, Sarah? In Manchester?


Yn ymyl Manceinion. Lle o’r enw Glossop.
Es i i’r ysgol yn Llandudno ond symudais i Manceinion yn 1994!

Near Manchester. A place called Glossop.
I went to school in Llandudno, but moved to Manchester in 1994.