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If you enjoy Eva I recommend that you order the next book in the trilogy straight away! Eva is a real cliff-hanger and will leave you in suspense and itching to find out what happens next! :slight_smile:


I’m pleased to say I’ve finished “Yn y Gwaed” gan Geraint V. Jones. Pleased because it’s over!

It won an award at the Eisteddfod and the reviews describe it as “gripping and readable”, but this particular learner really struggled.

From the blurb, "There was no welcome for anyone at Arllechwedd - that was the only way for the family to keep its secrets; and there were a lot to keep. Like the true relationship between Mam and Dewyrth Ifan, or the apparitions her daughter Mared saw, not to mention the nightmares that keep waking her son Robin at night… After all, there’s no smoke without fire… . "

Linguistically not the easiest book I’ve read, set mostly on the family farm and therefore full of agricultural vocabulary. The family also use dialectal terms I’m not familiar with.

However my biggest problem was I didn’t like any of the characters, which made it hard to plough through the vocab hump at the start. One reviewer noted it would make a good horror movie, and that’s not my genre at all.

On the plus side, at 150 pages at least it’s fairly short for adult fiction.

**Yn y Gwaed ** seems to be critically renowned so I’m sure some people will love it, but not my cup of tea.


wwww, edrych yn ddoniol. Liciwn i ddarllen y llyfrau Bywyd Blodwen Jones ond does dim ail llaw yn Seland Newydd. A dim byd yn y llyfrgell yma.


Llechi - Manon Steffan Ros

I’ve just finished this 10 minutes ago so I’m still trying to process what I just read. O Mam Bach, what a book. I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

Translated from the back cover …
Why would someone want to kill Gwenno Evans, and leave her body in the quarry covered in blood?

A raw, emotional story that follows Gwenno’s crew of friends after her sudden murder at 16 years old. A number of secrets about Gwenno’s life and family come to light, and lots of unexpected plots and turns that lead to her death.

The story is really good and keeps you involved right to the end, some of you may get where it’s going before I did but, for me, it was perfectly paced and had me agog at all the right places. But … (this was edited the next morning after time for it to sink in) … a big part of this book for me was how we are all playing different roles, even very subtly different sometimes, depending on whom we’re with. Do we really know someone, do we really know the person they are or are we just seeing the person they want us to see? Very interesting. It’s narrated by Shane, one of Gwenno’s friends. There’s a lot to talk about but I can’t for fear of giving some of the plot away. Read it!

I always think that books for children and teenagers usually have the main characters about the same age as the target audience, in which case this would be aimed at 16 year olds. Some of the themes are a little disturbing and of a gruesome nature but nothing too bad.

I found this an easy read so would say anyone other than a very new reader wouldn’t have too much trouble here. Go for it.