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Hi Jade


I would start with the Cyfres Amdani, level Mynediad. They’re books specifically designed for learners.

You might also like the magazine Lingo Newydd, which you can also read via an app. It’s for learners and has content in three levels, so as you progress you can go back and read the more complex versions of articles.

Re bookshops, I love and Palas Print. Both are very helpful and will talk to you in English or Welsh. You can of course also buy from Amazon, but I prefer to support independent Welsh bookshops as they contribute to the economy and therefore sustain the language financially, where Amazon often removes Welsh language book reviews for “breaching content guidelines”!

To your question about written Welsh, yes it does vary. Written Welsh varies a lot more than you will be used to from standardised majority languages like English, Spanish or German. Aside from the differences you learn early on, fiction often represents spoken norms when presenting dialogue or internal narrative, and non-fiction often uses literary forms that are only used in writing.

However if you stick with content for beginners you’ll be fine as it’s deliberately graded to keep it accessible, and by the time you run out of that you’ll be able to cope with the variation. My tip is to say the words in your head. 1) that forces you to absorb instead of translating and 2) saying the words helps you see through variant spellings to words you recognise. Also, saying the words helps you appreciate the use of language.

Have fun pob lwc!


Hi Caroline,

Oh brilliant - thank you so much for the recommendations and additional information!
Regarding the online bookstores, absolutely, I will definitely check out these smaller retailers rather than amazon; that’s ridiculous that they often remove Welsh language books! :expressionless:

That’s so interesting about the written form varying like that, particularly for the dialogue as you said. I’m looking forward to the day I start to notice these variances, but for now will definitely stick to the beginner level as you suggested.

Thanks very much again for your time and help,



I have a spare copy of Ffenistri by Lois Arnold which I’m happy to pass along for free - you can either collect from me in East Bristol, or just cover the postage. It’s in good nick although there are some pencilled notes on one of the stories (not done by me!)

I found the book really useful and accessible - it has short stories and poems in three sections, Mynediad, Sylfaen and Canolradd, with vocabulary on each page and in a separate section at the back. If you’re interested please send me a private message. Thanks!


Chance to "Meet the Welsh Author" over Zoom


Have you ever found this as a recorded book? Would love to listen if I can find a recording.


Personally, I don’t know. It’s only available as paperback or Kindle versions on Amazon and, seeing as I’ve never bought a spoken word book, wouldn’t know the best place to look otherwise. Sorry.