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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Looks like you’re picking it up nicely.

Btw, I’d love to hear two people actually have this conversion… two baffled old people, most likely!


Great thanks, Geraint. Much appreciated.


Could we please have more video clips like Let it Go from Frozen. Although it will take me a while to learn, it’s great fun. Hope others think the same.


So, here I am with a short question (I’m sorry if it has been already asked : I did not see a “search” place whre a “key word” could drive to the concernend topic, nor a “how to do” in the “how to do” guides about the lessons).
The short question : I was on Mac system, but now on Windows 10, and I can’t find the way to read the “double speed” practice lessons (Nr 5, 10 and 15… when I’ll get there !)
I went and see via Google for a solution, but did not find a solution. So thankyou for helping.
PS : I use itunes


Let’s see if we can find a soultion: what do you use for going around the web, internet or google? Most likely Explorer, or Chrome for example (and maybe on the Mac Safari).


Thanks for replying so fast. When I go on a website, I use Firefox and then generally choose Google (simple, not chrome). I rhink the solution is toget a small audio program (free downloading) whiich would allow transform the double speed in simple speed. But whatever is the way I ask, ti does not leed me to any forum (however, I’m used to make searches, so I’m rather upset ha ha ha)


I’m not techy enough to answer your actual question, but I can help with this - click on the magnifying glass in the top banner (between ‘Forum’ and the menu bars) and that will let you do a key-word search of this forum.


Don’t worry, it was nice of you to answe. Anyway I’m now going to watch rugby, though italian rugby is not a very festiv moment to look at. It was great yesterday with the welsh victory !!! Thanks again to you !


Did you enjoy rugby today? I didn’t but I was almost sure Italy would not win, ha!

So what I understand is that you don’t want to listen the listening practice directly on Firefox?
(I personally find it easier on the computer).
So you find the file, download it alright, but then if you click on it, nothing happens?
iTunes should work if you have it, maybe it’s just a matter of configuring something but it’s too complicated here!

One free software that should work easily is also on Windows is called VLC media player.
It also allows to change speed if you want (although I’m not sure it is useful for Listening Practice, because they’re meant to be listened at that speed - as far as I know!)


Oh sorry gisella, I did not see youanswered ! GREAT, it works now. In fact, at the difference withe the “normal” challenges, I can’t hear the praciticing challenges directly by clicking, on the SSIW page, I have to download. And then it’s OK.
Concerning the rugby : I was afraid of getting bored with the Italians (why did they incorporate the V nations ? Well… some could say :, why the French incorporated it, long ago…) but the deception came form the Irish, normally better.
Thanks for your help Gisella !


So what’s the usual Welsh for ‘grandson’? ‘Hain’ or ‘ŵyr’ or what? I need to know, because
Mai gennym ni ŵyr newydd! Mai o di geni neithiwr! Mother and son are quite well.


… and (sorry) I would ask the same at reverse : wjhat is the welsh for “grand father”, NOT as a isolate word in the dictionnary, but as a vocative (by "vocative " I mean : a grand son calling his grand father, what will he say, apart from engish forms as Grandpa and so)
(I don’t create a topic for this, my question beeing very colse tu Baruch’s)


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations! ŵyr is the Welsh for grandson :slight_smile:

There are a couple of options - those in the North usually call their grandad ‘Taid’, but in the South they may say ‘Tad-cu’ instead. (these also happen to be the words for grandfather in the dictionary, but they are used as a vocative)


ברכות על כל - blessings to all Barauchas!
Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations!


Congratulations Baruch and hoping you have many happy times together. We also have a grandson and we are called Nain and Taid and use wyr for grandson.


Llongyfarchiadau, Baruch! :slight_smile: Many congratulations on your new grandson!


Llongyfarchiadau. Grandchildren bring such joy. Delighted he and his mother are well.
Now you’ll have to decide whether you want to be Tadcu (De) or Taid (Gogledd). I’m a tadcu often abbreviated to 'Cu because my grandson couldn’t get his mouth round tadcu. I was delighted though because I believe the “cu” part means “dear” as in dear father. :smile:


Llongyfarchiadau mawr, Barwch


Llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn i chi gyd, Baruch! :star: :star2:


Why is it yr ail ddiwrnod for second day but ddiwrnod cyntaf for first day (day first). Apologies for spellings?