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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


I swear I’m not trying to find an excuse to avoid studying the list (that, by the way, is also on the Modern Welsh dictionary, so I have it!). :grimacing:

But along with:
ei laswellt, ei gyflog
dy ddisgwyl, dy galon
mor garedig
I’ve also found:
dyma pam, dyma’r barn
dyna beth
dy chwaer

What happened?


Excellent question, Gisella - here’s what happened:

dyma pam - pam is one of a small number of words that never mutate (mae is another)

dyma’r barn - no mutation of barn because 'r is in the way - the contact mutations only work when nothing gets in the way

dyna beth - beth is already mutated anyway from peth, and you can’t double mutate

dy chwaer - ch is a different letter from c, and never mutates

:slight_smile: :+1:


Contact mutation…sounds positively awful…


I have a question that has only a slight connection to Welsh language, but it would be really helpful for me to hear an opinion of a few English first language speakers. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you read out loud the word pyst.

What meanings come to your mind?


On hearing the word ‘pyst’ without seeing the spelling or knowing it was Welsh, my English-first-language-brain would think drunk/urinated/angry. (hmmm - could be a three-word-story there! :joy::joy:)


I’m the same as @siaronjames


Actually I need to correct myself slightly there - I should have said that pam never has SM or NM, but that you do sometimes hear AM in the phrase a pham…? and why…?



Alaska Adventure
I’m so proud to announce that I’ve been chosen by the Welsh Government to tour Alaska for the sunny six month period, promoting Welsh Cakes.

I’ll be posting pics on the forum as I go.


Unfortunately, I have been persuaded to cancel, even though it would have been such an interesting adventure :slight_smile:

Mainly, because the international mid-day time line, has now even swept over Alaska. :frowning: :wink:


I n e v e r pssssst very loud; the whole point is to be surreptitious/on the sly…


Pssst. What date is it?


Today, April 2nd. Yesterday 1st. I would guess now your strange post about Alaska :thinking: is somehow related to…yesterday date, was it? :slight_smile:

p.s. But my question was serious! (oh well, not serious-serious for content, i understand the point, but I really needed to hear an opinion about it!)


Sorry, Gisella. You dont get much sense out of us on April Fools Day. Although the other comments look genuine.

It could be slightly vulgar for drunk or American for annoyed. Psst is quietly whistling in someone’s ear, getting their attention.

The only other thing it could be is Piste as in the Ski route.

As you can imagine, there are a few jokes around linking these. So probably just smile if you hear the word.


Some sort of variation on the defective verb, perhaps?


Carefully avoiding the afflictive verbs - they could be painful.


…as can conflictive clausal vindictive indicatives :zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:


I believe it is Bendith!


Can I always use ‘bo’ fe’ instead of ‘fod e’?
It comes naturally to me but I have to think too much if I want to say ‘fod e’.

Should ‘gwylies i bach o deledu’ not be ‘fach o deledu’?


Sure (although you might in time find yourself adapting to more formal patterns depending on when/where you use your Welsh most)… :slight_smile:

I’d reckon you’re more likely to hear the first one… :slight_smile:


Thanks Aran. :slightly_smiling_face:Though I’m not too sure when I’ll actually get to use my Welsh to have the chance to mimic other people’s use of the language. :pensive: It seems more like a nice little hobby of mine, living here in Reading.