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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


You’re never a ‘bother’ @tatjana - I’m sure I speak for Hendrik too when I say we’re happy to help! (and neither of us will demand joint song-writing credit either! :wink: )


Just wondering if this SM is a typo:

“Beth ŷch chi’n ddweud, Elen?”

Context: largely colloquial Southern-sounding paperback detective novel, pub. 1970. I was expecting “dweud”.


Dont know much about grammar, and I could be wrong, but that sounds right to me. Probably the implied “ei” in front of the “ddweud”?


Aha! Your answer has reminded me of when I asked almost the exact same question nearly two years ago - and you’re absolutely right! [chagrin face]


Hi bawb - does cyffrous mean both excited and exciting? Diolch


I think “excited” (as in ‘to be excited’) is cyffro


Kindle Reader Problem.
If anyone can help, please see Random Stwff Topic (to keep this topic free).Many thanks in advance.
Edit: I think I’ve sorted it. To do with the zoomed size of font.


“myn brain i” - something like “Upon my soul!” “I do declare”?


Also: Ydych chi wedi sylwi mor gwic mae dyn dwad yn cael i neud yn ddeiacon? Am nad yw e byth yn dod â’i orffennol gydag e gwlei.

“Have you noticed how quickly an incomer gets made deacon? Because he never brings his past with him X.”

gwlei? - can’t find it in dictionaries.


‘Dweud Eich Dweud’ comes to the rescue! :slightly_smiling_face: Apparently it means “I believe/I think” and it’s a S Wales form derived from fe goeliaf i


I would guess it is something about politics. GM doesn’t have gwlei but does have these:

gwleidiad = countryman
gwleidiad and gwleidyddiaeth = politics
gwleidydd = politician, statesman
gwleidyddol = political

(I do love Y Geiriadur Mawr just for such things!)


So what was this one?
The only thing that I’ve found would be something like " mynd ar brain" perhaps gone to the crows (gone to ruin).

Just a thought, if it’s SE Wales -
In Bristol, “Brain” = stoney (brazen) soil, but that’s English.


Yes, very similar - ‘myn’ here is ‘by’ as in an oath, so “By the crows!” (don’t worry about the lack of an y - this not a literal word-for-word phrase!)


Oh, OK - I’d found myn as in oaths/exclamations in the GPC, but didn’t quite believe it was “by my crows!” The same book has also provided myn asgwrn i - presumably “by my bone!”


Hi, I would appreciate some help with the translation of these words/phrases which I need to be able to speak about myself, my work and possibly also about SSiW:

  • online (as I read something online or I bought something online)
  • online shop
  • on the Internet
  • on a/the website
  • my website
  • and possibly some specific things like on Facebook etc.

I could translate the words using an online dictionary but I need some help with choosing the correct prepositions and mutations.
Thank you.

  • online (as I read something online or I bought something online) - ar lein (darllenais I rywbeth ar lein/nes I ddarllen rhywbeth ar lein. Prynais I rhywbeth ar lein/nes I brynu rhywbeth ar lein)
  • online shop - siop ar lein
  • on the Internet - ar y we
  • on a/the website - ar wefan / ar y wefan
  • my website - fy ngwefan i
  • and possibly some specific things like on Facebook etc. - ar Facebook/ar Gweplyfr. ar Twitter/ar Trydar (It’s perfectly acceptable to use the names facebook and twitter, but I’ve given you the Welsh alternatives too :wink: )


Thank you. This makes me wonder, are the Welsh alternatives for Facebook/Twitter used?


some people use them, yes, but a lot don’t - it’s just personal preference. As long as you’re aware of them though, they won’t confuse you when you do come across them.


Helo pawb. How do I say (Nth) “Where were you born?” and “I was born in xxx.” Diolch.


Gogledd is north