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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


In English we’d say the “nineteen-tens” or the “twenty-tens”. Somehow “the tens” doesn’t work on its own like the twenties, the thirties, etc. So I’d probably say “yr ugaindegau” myself. I’ll have to listen out for what others say. Being a weekend, I’m not in the office, otherwise I’d throw the question at my colleagues!


Thank you @siaronjames @Hendrik
I have passed your replies on to @joe on Twt


I’m making these up -
As the date decades seem to mirror personal ages (twenties, thirties, etc) how about arddegau for 2010’s?
And drwgau for the naughties :wink:


Here’s a simple one. I realise I’ve got to Level 2 and I can’t seem to remember learning “it is not”. What is the negative for: Mae hi’n bwrw glaw, for example?


Dydy hi ddim yn bwrw glaw (Northern)
Dyw hi ddim yn bwrw glaw (Southern)



Diolch yn fawr! I recognise the dydy now. We’ve had Dydy fy mam ddim yn licio pel-droed etc. Now I see how it works for it.


And don’t forget Tydy for Dydy either - very common in many N areas! :slight_smile:


Diolch, @garethrking! A helo. I have bought your grammar book for beginners. I had to buy it on Kindle because I’m in Seland Newydd and will be travelling to Cymru but it’s really helpful.


Thank you Bronwen - and I’m glad! :slight_smile:


Hi again Siaron. So, is it the same for Mae hi’n braf? Dydy hi ddim yn braf? Diolch!


It’s exactly the same structure so yes. It’s the same if you want to talk about him/her too.

Mae o’n dal (he’s tall)
Tydy hi ddim yn hapus (she isn’t happy)
Tydy John ddim yn amyneddgar (John isn’t patient)


Dioch yn fawr iawn, @gruntius. Cael diwrnod braf. (Online dictionary tells me this “Have a nice day.” - hope it’s right.)


yes, what Gruntius says!


It’s not. :joy:


There is a copy of Intermediate Welsh on Amazon for under a tenner…:+1:


Hi all, I was wondering earlier how you’d say about to as in I’m about to do something. Initially I thought Dw i newydd mynd i wneud rhwybeth, but that doesn’t feel right for some reason. I found ‘ar gyn’ in the dictionary. Would this be used? If so, would it be used like Dw i ar gyn gwneud rhywbeth?

Cheers :slight_smile:


“dwi ar fin gwneud rhywbeth” (dwee ar veen …) is “I’m about to do something”.

Also “newydd” in this usage causes a soft mutation so “dwi newydd fynd …”. :+1:

Not sure if I replied to the thread or to you so edited to tag @DanJones.’


Don’t place too much faith in these - I need some advice here as well, but how abouts

dw i am fynd i wneud (or does am fynd mean wanting to go???)

dw i ar ben fynd i wneud


“Am” is used for future intent in this case. “Dwi am wneud o yfory”. I’ll do it tomorrow/I intend doing it tomorrow.