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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Can “pwy” ever mean “which”?

I know “pa” means which but just wondering if you could ever use pwy in a similar way. I wasn’t sure if I heard “pwy” on the radio or just misheard “pa” or the person speaking just had a slip.


Yeah, they use that all the time on PyC.


Excellent! Add that one to the bag of tricks :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll drill by backspacing until I get the sentence ilor phrase right. Then when I repeat the lesson it goes pretty well. Some sentences are so long if I’m tired I forget parts of it. I try to look up the grammar of new things I don’t understand for instance using mod or fod for clauses instead of bod or roeddet ti / whenever things sound like I don’t expect. Probably slows me down but makes it stick.


Yes - it’s definitely not standard - and so frowned upon by some - but it’s widespread in the South.


I was just listening to Datblygu (as I often do at moment) and it go me curious about a lyric so I went to ever unreliable google translate. The lyric was “yr oeddwn mewn cariad” and I was wondering what was in love. According to google Yr oeddwn means I was. I can see how this would relate to past tense, but is a form that I have never heard before. Is it a regional thing or maybe a literary thing?


Yr oeddwn is very literary, you’ll only see it in poems, and as such it can appear in song lyrics, but this form is unnatural for everyday speech. In speech you’ll hear Ro’n i or O’n i instead.


Hi. I am thinking about attending a mynediad sadwrn siarad course next Saturday. I have completed level 1 SSiW. Is that an appropriate level? There is also a sylfaen course that day. I’d rather push myself but wouldn’t want to hold everyone else back. Diolch


Helo! Are “gyfarfod” and “cwrdd” the same things/interchangeable for “to meet” or are there particular circumstances when you would use one or the other, please? :slight_smile:


As a verb, yes they are the same/interchangeable and both take the preposition â (e.g. cyfarfod â ni / cwrdd â ni), so use whichever comes naturally or comes to mind first!

I know you didn’t ask, but just for reference, as a noun you’d only use cyfarfod, not cwrdd. (e.g. Lle mae’r cyfarfod?) :slight_smile:


That’s perfect, diolch Siaron! :slight_smile:


I didn’t actually learn Welsh with SSiW, nor go through the traditional mynediad, sylfaen etc. so I’m not sure what would be the best level to sign up for. However, when I have been on day courses or summer/Easter/New Year schools, if you find you’re at the wrong level, you can usually switch at the morning tea break. So choosing a Sadwrn Siarad with both levels available is a good idea.


Yes, so if its a talking practice you should be fine with mynediad. Although you will have missed some stuff that they know like asking their names or talking about the weather or words for yes and no, but no big deal.
On the other hand if its a revision Saturday, that will be a bit more tricky.

Usually, SSiW students are well ahead of other course students when it comes to conversation, though.


Copied from my post to the wrong topic, Sorry, It should have been on this topic.

Anyone know what Tir na n-Og is please? The organisation? And award? Im guessing a book prize.


Diolch yn fawr :slightly_smiling_face:


This is “land of the young”, another name for the otherworld, in Irish Mythology. So it’s now the name of the award for children’s literature. There are 3, I think, 2 English and one Welsh.


I have full lyrics with translations of Hwgr-Grawth-Og, Wyau, Pyst, Libertino. Sorry no Tapiar Cynnar, I’ll keep on guessing for now and ask for help! :slight_smile:
In case you’re interested (and don’t have them already) just ask and I can send them to you.

p. s. oh @JohnYoung, this must be the day of the Og!)


Quick question: can you “share a glance” in Welsh? “Gwnaethon ni rannu cipolwg” or something like this??


Wow! Yes please, I’d love get hold of these. I’ve been looking and not found any anywhere.


It took some effort but always glad to share them with other Datblygu fans! :wink:

(just sent them attached to private message)