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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Could enid perhaps be an alternative spelling of enaid?


I think it could be a misspelling - ennyd = space, so “At least the world of nature gets space to breathe”


Of course, but short amount of time, so “at least the natural world gets a second to breathe.”

Thanks Siaron.


Except for the exceptionally good tv series Un bore mercher!


Slowly making my way through „Llyfr Glas Nebo“

„Roedd o‘n gwybod sut oedd cael punt boeth allan ohonyn nhw.“
(for context: the main character‘s son is talking to the women at the hair salon)
„He knew how to get a hot pound out of them“? What is a „hot pound“? (English is not my native language, but Google didn‘t find anything, either)


He knew how to get money out of them. It’d be a phrase from someone who is good at convincing someone to give them money.


If it’s any consolation, English is my native language and I’ve never heard of a “hot pound”!


Nor me!


….must be a Welsh language idiom.


Ha, it is a funny thing because I remember this line making me think when I read LGN…

I took the ‘hot pound’ to be reference to money which ‘burns a hole in your pocket’

I’m not sure if this is a language based idea…

…or correct! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Pronunciation query: how do you say eisoes?
I’m used to hearing yn barod, but eisoes is pretty common in writing… Ei-soes? Is-oes? Ish-oes?


sorry can’t help but does it mean ready then Richard


‘Already’ - but I’ve just seen that the big dictionary (GPC) also recognises eisioes as a spelling, so I gather at least some people must say it with a ‘sh’.


I’ve always read it as this. Not sure I’ve ever thought about it though to be honest. Be interesting to hear


The Gweiadur uses the spelling eisioes and the soundfile pronounces it with a ‘sh’, but I’ve heard it on Radio Cymru without the ‘sh’ sound as well


Perfection is the enemy of progress…so it’s ok not to be perfect…and success is the goal


I think I could use some vocabulary for playing games. How would a native gog say the following:
It’s your turn/It’s my turn
Well played
You win
Shall we play again?


Hi Ross.
An actual Gog will probably come along shortly. But in the meantime, here’s my stab at it:
It’s your turn/It’s my turn - Mae’n tro ti/Mae’n tro fi (there’s a couple of choices on those, so let’s see who comes back) :slight_smile:
Well played - Chwarae teg (fair play)
You win - Ti’n enill
Shall we play again? - Dylen ni chwarae eto?



I note we have that old ‘r’ question again. Level 2 Challenge 1 says Ai’ch plant ydy rheina’ where others say ‘ydy’r rheina’ Which is correct? Incidentally, can anyone give me a better way of saying ‘Esgusodwch fi! ‘ It sounds rather rude!

  1. Well, rheina is technically a contraction of y rhain yna, so it already implicitly contains the definite article, so Ai’ch plant chi ydy rheina is correct. However, inserting another 'r in there certainly won’t make the universe blow up :wink:

  2. I don’t necessarily see Esgusodwch fi as rude, but a super polite alternative is Wnewch chi esgusodi fi? – Literally would you excuse me?