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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Maybe you can have a look here, to start with (although some might not be available right now - I’ll check what’s on and maybe add a few):


Thanks, I’ll have a good look x


Hi all! Bit confused between ‘rhaid i mi – I must, I’ve got to’ and ‘mae gen i – I’ve got, I have.’ They almost seem to be the same? Can anyone help me out at all with which to use when? Diolch!


Rhaid i mi - as you said - means “I must (do something)” and indicates that there is some level of compulsion involved. I tend to think of it as “it is necessary for me (to do whatever).” Rhaid i mi fynd rwan - I need to go now.

Mae gen i on the other hand signifies posession. Mae gen i llyfr - I have a book.

It is really the ambiguity of the English that is causing your confusion. But note that the first is “I have to (do something)” and the second is just “I have (something)”


Hi, I have newly subscribed and am working through the challenges on level 1. It says on the sign up page about video practise group sessions that you can use weekdays in the morning and afternoon - am I on the wrong course for that? I understand there is a 6 minute a day course or 30 minute a day course and I’m doing 30 minutes a day. This is suiting me during the lockdown, but will be too much when I am back at work - will I be able to swap then? And can I have access to video practise group sessions now, or am I on the wrong course? Sorry for all the questions!!


I found “Adre” to be quite accessible because it’s the presenter in conversation with various Welsh celebrities in their homes. I don’t know if it’s currently available though.


Hi @emma-ireland

I squeezed through the challenges just before the structured courses came along so I’m not sure about the detail options. I will tag @Deborah-SSi who will be able to answer those questions.

Rich :slight_smile:


There are some episodes of Adre currently available on the BBC iPlayer. We love the series because the presenter is so kind and enthusiastic and it’s interesting to see inside people’s homes.


Hi @emma-ireland! It looks to me like you just have a standard subscription which gives you access to all the online material, but isn’t actually part of a structured course. As it is, it sounds like you’re going much faster than the courses!

The online group session are part of the structured courses; however, there is the open Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group and you’d be welcome to join that. There are frequent group sessions there.

If you wanted to join the specific online groups that go with the course, you’d need to join the 6 Minutes course to get access to those, but you could carry on working through the challenges as you are doing now.


Great, thanks to you both, I’ll find it on the iPlayer x


Thank you, that makes sense now! Diolch!


Thanks Deborah. What is the open speaking practice slack group and how do I find that? I don’t want to do the 6 minutes a course right now, as I’m having enormous fun learning so much every day! I take the dog for a walk and get home able to speak loads more Welsh! I’m loving it :revolving_hearts:


I get these mixed up too, I had never noticed how confusing English is before!


Thanks for that Rich :grinning:


If you ask for an invite to the WSP group on Slack by emailing , they’ll add you and then you can use the group for chats in Welsh (you can have one-to-one chats or join group hangouts and talk to more people at the same time!)


Thank you! That sounds extremely exciting and scary at the same time :grin: I’ve sent an email x


And I’ve sent you an invitation :slight_smile:


Just a quick question on name pronounciation - how strictly should ‘Fflur’ be pronounced ‘Fleer’? We like it as a baby name but would end up pronouncing it the same a ‘Fleur’ (live in England) and wouldnt want to do so if that’s entirely wrong (o’r offensive! :smile:) Cheers!


It should be pronounced ‘Fleer’ but yes, lots of people are going to say it as ‘Fleur’. I wouldn’t say doing so would be considered offensive in general, though - as someone who uses an unfamiliar spelling myself - it can be mildly annoying when people get it wrong continually!


I can imagine that gets pretty annoying having to explain!
That helps thank you :slightly_smiling_face: