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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Great! So either what you said was right, GBRh isn’t enough of a stickler to refuse to answer people who make grammatical mistakes when emailing him, or both :grinning:.


I don’t know him - even though he seems a nice guy from what I see in the Welsh comprehensible input YouTube videos (did you see them?). But I can tell for sure that this is certainly true for most Welsh speakers!


He’s a really decent bloke. Very easy to talk to and really funny. Also well known and respected outside Wales.


A couple of years ago Nant Gwrtheyrn had arranged forGBRh to be tutor of a Uwch 2 Welsh language course using talking about music as the focus for practising Welsh and which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, in the end, not enough people had registered on the course for them to be able to run it :sob:


That was a shame. I bet that would have been good.


That would be great! I would register to a course like that even though I’m not Uwch 2 level, and I would not register to any standard language courses, and even despite the Gog accent. :grin:

I’m pretty sure that if they did it online now they’d get enough participants…someone should suggest them to try again!
And have Pat Morgan as special guest once :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t seen the videos, but he always comes across as affable on the radio so I would also have been very surprised if he wasn’t like that in real life. It’s good to have it confirmed by John.


… and he also makes clogs! :slightly_smiling_face: (there was an article about him doing this in Golwg a while back)


now that is cool!!

Here is his YouTube learn Welsh Channel


Are they correct and what’s the difference between saying:

Pobl Cymru vs pobl o Gymru?

dyn / dynion Cymru or merch / merched Cymru vs Cymro / Cymry or Cymraes/Cymraesau

And Cymreig?

:scream: (I’m sure they’ve been listed before but I can’t find them and mostly wondering if they’re used to mean slightly different things)


Yes, there are some subtle differences -

Pobol Cymru - people of Wales
Pobol o Gymru - people from Wales
dyn/dynion Cymru - man/men of Wales, merch/merched Cymru - woman/women of Wales
Cymro - a Welshman
Cymry - Welsh people
Cymraes - a Welshwoman, Cymraesau - Welshwomen
Cymreig - Welsh as in an attribution (e.g. oen cymreig - Welsh lamb)


I have been learning Welsh for just over 2 years now and I finished SSIW level 3 some time ago.
For listening practice I watch S4C’s programme Prynhwan Da as there is a lot of chat about a variety of subjects.
I watch on the BBC I player so I am able to pause it at any time.
So, here is the issue…
if I use the pause button at the end of each sentence, with the exception of the words I don’t know, I can understand a lot of what is being said.
However, like the listening challenges in SSIW, if I listen without pausing I can only pick out the odd words.
I am only watching for learning purposes so which would be the best way to continue to improve my Welsh.


I’d say it’s totally up to you as in this instance you are devising your own system of learning.

One possibility might be to first watch without subtitles or pausing, then perhaps catch the awkward bits again on pause. If subtitles, you will be able to “toggle/switch” between English and Welsh subtitles for that frame.

Also, not telling you how to suck eggs because you are probably ahead of me on this: but the Advanced Content is a great transition between the Challenges and full on S4C and Radio Cymru :slight_smile:

This last bit is more for others following your post to be honest :slight_smile:


Thanks John.
Yes, I’m using the advanced content as well. I just wanted to make sure I’m learning in the best way .


John - Please explain how to toggle/switch between English and Welsh subtitles on S4C??


I’ll load it up so as not just to go by memory


I’ve just into the S4C website. You might need to accept some simple conditions boxes. Then click on a programme to watch. Say, Un Bore Mercher. If English and Welsh subtitles are available, there will be a number of click boxes at the bottom of the screen: one saying Isdeitdlau Gymraeg ar gau (Welsh subtitles available) and another one for English/Saesneg. Click on either one of these in the little tick square. Then click on the Play button/icon. when running, you can pause at any point. If you click in the icon button at the bottom looking like a text menu you will get the option of English or Welsh subtitles. you can choose each of these in turn for the same sentence in both languages.

It will only work for programmes with bilingual subtitles.

Hope this works :slight_smile:


Cheers John. I’ll try it. But can I do it whilst watching an S4C programme on my TV?


I’m not sure to be honest. Can someone help here please? @MarcusWhitfield perhaps?
I suppose it will be possible but you will need to be handy with a remote. I’m not sure if you would be able to do it on one of the basic type packages.


If I’m watching on the television, I press the subtitle button on the remote and a little box appears at the top of the television screen asking if you want them in Welsh or English. You select one with the arrows on the remote. That works here anyway. Pob lwc!