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Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Thank you.


Thank you, Siaron!


Bore da! Cwestiwn nesa….

For the question in level 2, Challenge 20, “Shall we get something else to drink as soon as possible?”, why is beth used in the Welsh translation? (Beth am i ni gael rhwybeth arall i yfed mor fuan â phosib?)

Does beth not only translate as “what” but have other functions, too?


Really, I think it’s just a similar idea to the English “What about us getting something else to drink a.s.a.p.”


Yes, it’s a way of asking “should…?”
Since you ask, you might also see “beth” stuck onto another word, when it means “thing” (peth). So rhwybeth means something :smiley:


Thank you :slight_smile:


To go off at a slight tangent, reading that question revealed how much I’ve learnt. I was confused by “beth am i ni gael” when I did that challenge, but seeing it again now I was able to understand what was happening. Achievement!

I think going through the ‘old course’ helps a lot with that actually, because it gets more into the nitty gritty of why sentences are the way they are.