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Tips for learning Welsh


Saith tip Nick i ddysgu Cymraeg! Seven controversial tips to help you learn Welsh

:speaking_head: OWN YOUR LANGUAGE: Mae Nick Yeo wedi dysgu Cymraeg ac eisiau i ti siarad yr iaith hefyd – dim ots am y mistêcs! :facepunch:

:bulb: Seven controversial tips for learning Welsh. English subtitles: – iddi! :joy:


Beat me to it, Annemoore. Just came on to post it!


This clip on Youtube should be compulsory viewing for anyone learning Welsh (or any language)! Just love it.


saw this on the r/learnwelsh reddit page and wondered how long till it was here haha. It’s a good video, and I actually understood the fella’s Cymraeg quite a lot; it was very clearly said!


Hahaha, sorry about that.


That’s a great little video. Thanks for sharing it. I struggle with confidence in talking with my brother and sister as my siblings are fluent Welsh speakers but this is a timely kick up the backside to push on and ignore the inner doubts.
I’m also glad that Wenglish isn’t truly frowned upon.


It’s brilliant isn’t it! The kind of advice we all need! :joy: