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Translation for listening practise level 2


I’m doing the 6 mins a day course week 31. I can get the transcript but not the translation for level 2 listening exercise. Is it me? Advice, please.:grinning:


Mmmm… it should be in there, I would have thought… @kinetic @Deborah-SSi any insights on this? :slight_smile:


I don’t know if there used to be a translation there, but there hasn’t been one for a while. I’ve had a hunt about and found a document that is possibly the translations. I’ll have a quick comparison with the transcripts and send it through to @kinetic to upload if it is :slight_smile:


Ffab, diolch o galon :star: :star2:


i have been with ssiw for a few years doing north welsh, if i could change anything i would like to see a section with 25 lessons where you say the welsh the pause before saying the english


I suspect that would be less good for learning and make us less active. On the other hand, it could be great for practicing pronunciation which can go haywire in the rush to remember the right words. Indeed, I did once play with a challenge using Audacity (sound editing program). I cut out all the English and the repetition of the Welsh so that I could listen to the sentences and try to repeat them as closely as possible. It was quite interesting, but I didn’t bother to do it again.


I have actually recorded Level 1 challenge 25 doing just that, because listening and understanding is the part I find the most difficult. But I have a felling that Aran wouldn’t approve!:rofl:x


I always admire people who do extra work! I do think you’d get better results from spending that time on the accelerated listening, though… :wink:


Don’t worry, Aran, I’m not THAT naughty! I do lots of accelerated listening as well as radio, TV, videos etc. I probably wouldn’t have done the “Welsh first” recording if I could have found the translation of the listening exercises, but one phrase has been driving me mad. I hear it as ‘yndi marw’ - that can’t be right, can it? And that’s what made me try to pull up the translation and that’s when I found it wasn’t there. How are kinetic and Deborah getting on with finding it? Any luck yet? Still loving SSiW. Diolch o galon.:star_struck:


I’ve got it!! “Yndyn maen nhw”. Just my old cloth ears getting in the way!!!:rofl:


Good solve! :star2:


Just noticed the translation is still missing from the Northern course. Needed to check on something I had not come across before and only the transcript is available. It would be helpful if this could be sorted?


@Deborah-SSi @Kinetic any news on this, guys?