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It’s a great idea Dee, I think I have written in English but might have written a couple of Welsh words. I must try harder, so this will encourage me! :hugs:


Due to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, people have been posting about various alternatives and Mastodon was mentioned. This reminded me that (Tŵt Cymru) is actually a Mastodon instance (don’t worry about the jargon, I don’t!) and I also remembered that I created an account back in 2019 when this thread was first started.

Anyway, I looked in again (my login still worked) and I discovered that it’s doing well. I didn’t stick with it back in 2019 because no one seemed to be posting and it was like speaking in an empty room, but I’m finding it a great way to write a small thing each day in Welsh. You have more characters than Twitter, so I can post bilingually and people there seem really friendly. If you tried it a few years ago, but dropped out, you could try looking in there again.

Here’s the link:


I’ve started using mastodon as well,@yogi0704 if anyone wants to follow. Might be useful for us SSIW’s to practice writing as Maragret mentioned previously


I’ve found you and followed you.


Likewise :grin: