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Unable to obtain top-level course catalog


Hello, I have an issue with the iOS-App. I started it today and I got the following alert:

Unable to obtain top-level course catalog
JSON could not be serialized because of error: The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem?
Lately, there was a new iOS update, could it have anything to do with that?


It’s popped up a few times today, so I’ve let the iOS developer know. Hopefully there will be a solution for it soon :slight_smile:


It’s caused by a temporary communication issue with the server, so the advice is just to leave it a little while then try again.


Hi @Deborah-SSiW

Hmm…as of today, I am locked out of the App with this error message…it doesn’t seem to be temporary for me at the moment. I’m typing this into the forum from a PC for the first time in a very long while! So lewie knows about the problem, I imagine?

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve let @lewie and @Kinetic know that it seems to be an ongoing problem


@Kinetic I am also getting a warning in Chrome on a PC - related to the site - see below…(I clicked on the warning indicator to force the pop up so that I could screen shot it)…


However App now working! :man_dancing: :champagne: :dancer:


Yes, @kinetic has confirmed that it’s fixed now! :slight_smile:


Good work @Kinetic :sunny: :+1: :