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Understanding Welsh has earned me money!


I’m sharing this because it’s made me happy.

I use an online “micro job” site to earn a bit of extra cash each month. The tasks vary from surveys to judging the quality of audio and usually consist of a large quantity of low-paying (Euro cents) tasks.

Recently the site emailed me because I had speaking / understanding Welsh as a skill in my profile and they asked me if I’d be willing to participate in a task that invovled being able to understand and judge spoken Welsh. I replied that my Welsh knowledge was OK but not brilliant and I’d be willing to undergo any qualification task to see if I was suitable.

This led to me being included in the study, which I can’t go into due to it being covered by an NDA, but it has so far earned me around $50 for a couple of hours’ work.

I’m sharing this really because I was really excited at the fact that learning Welsh has ended up earning me a small amount of money that I otherwise would not have. I get sick of having to defend the fact I’m learning Welsh instead of something “useful” like Spanish (I cross the Severn several times a year; I’ve never visited Spain!) so being able to say “Actually, learning Welsh has paid off!” is wonderful!

Of course Welsh is wonderful for many reasons, but being able to put a (small) price on it makes it easier to convince others of this!

Just thought I’d share :slight_smile:


Coming over here, several times a year, stealing our micro-jobs. :wink:

Da iawn ti!


You should be worried about what I leave behind when I’m there… an 'orrible student!


Da lawn ti! = Well done you!
A new phrase for me. And I agree. Loved this post. Great job Stephan