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Use of arna


Can anyone clarify the difference between Mae eisiau i ti and Mae eisiau arna ti please?


Hi @berwynclarke88

One is used where ‘action’ is required, the other when a ‘thing’ is needed…examples below:

Mae eisiau i fi wneud rhywbeth, literally is

There is a want for me to… do something

…or in modern English…

I need to do something.

Whereas…with ‘a thing’…:

Mae eisiau bwyd arna i…literally means…

There is a want (of) food on me

Or in modern English , “I need food” - it’s one way of saying ‘I’m hungry

The first sentence structure using ‘i’ is quite widely used - ‘rhaid’ instead of eisiau, being a common example, used to express ‘must’/ obligation.

The second, is also widely used, for ailments and emotions - you can have lots of things ‘on you’ in Welsh eg mae ofn arna i - I am afraid.

Both are very ‘Welsh’ constructs - although you can see that they map onto ‘older’ English better - than the modern non-literal translations that we use now.



Thanks Rich, thats really helpful - will try to remember!