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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hi Carolyn,
I’m looking for a chat partner too. I’m doing South Wales and am currently on week 21 but have been too busy recently to complete all the extra tasks, like finding a partner to do speaking practice (oops!) so am trying to catch up now! Happy to chat with you if you’d like and Gaynor is already sorted.


Hello Diana,
Thank you for replying. That would be great. I am fairly flexible about times for a chat, but preferably during the day rather than weekday evenings, if that suits you. I get into a bit of a muddle with the various Slack channels etc so would prefer to make arrangements via email or phone calls - and I am not sure how to send you my contact details so perhaps you could suggest an arrangement. Really looking forward to hearing from you - diolch.


Hi Carolyn,
I’ve sent you a private message with my contact details so hopefully you’ve received that - give me a shout if you haven’t.


Hi. I’m on level 1 challenge 19 and am looking for a 5 minute listening partner. Someone very patient would be needed!


On Level 1 Challenge 19 and wondering if there is anyone in the Lichfield area also following SSIW, so that occasional coffee chat could be arranged. I work nearly fulltime, so unless there are further lockdowns, it’s the odd evening, weekend or school break.


Could expand to Cannock, Sutton, Tamworth area


Hi I’m looking for someone to practice my level 1, challenge 19 (week 20) sentences with please😀. I’m going North version of SSiW



Hi, I’m also looking for someone to practice speaking with also, probably video chat be easiest if your interested ? Thanks, Huw . (I’m doing North version)


Hi, have been scrolling through and I also an confused technically! What is the 6/6 support group please?


Hi, I’m doing Gogledd Cymraeg also😀, I’m looking for someone to practice with, via voice or video chat don’t mind. I’m on level 1 challenge 19😀


There are two groups on the platform Slack for speaking practice. One is the 6/6 Support group, and it’s a private group for people who are doing the taught SSiW courses. The other, the Welsh Speaking Practice group, is open by invitation to anyone learning Welsh, whether with SSiW or not. I hope that helps!


Thanks to SSIW I asked on my local volunteer forum (we help people who are isolated, food banks, etc) and found 3 people with some Welsh and two native speakers, one of them I had known through local politics for ten years! They are all Gogs though, and I’m doing De, so I’ll probably end up with a cosmopolitan mix of chat! Bendegedig.


Hello, I need a listener. I’m doing North and South all mixed up, but anyway I’m at Level 1 Challenge 20. Anyone able to help? :slight_smile:


Hello. I need a practice partner to listen to my 5 minute sentences. Is there anyone who could help, please?


Hi Ruth, I’ve moved your post here in the hope that it will be seen by more forum users. all the very best with finding a listening partner! :slight_smile:


That’s great. Thank you.


Hi @ruth-pargeter-down

Are you signed up to Welsh Speaking Practice on Slack?.. As there will probably be others in your exact situation looking for partners.

If not send email to with WSP in the title and you’ll get an invite.

I’m happy to chat with people who are short of a partner.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Ruth - I’ve been very good at the weekly challenges, apart from the contacting people and speaking for 5 minutes here! I’d be happy to swap some chatting with you once I get my 5 minutes worth sorted out!

I have 1st language friends and work colleagues who I’ve been practicing on, but it would be good to work with someone on the course at the same level.
Let me know if you fancy swapping sentences!

Diolch yn fawr,


Sarah eto!

I’m doing the S course by the way!


Hi Rich

Thank you for your reply and offer of help.

I think I’ve found a partner now.

Kind regards