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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Great. If you send me your e-mail address, I’ll send you a zoom link. Are you free Friday morning?



Hi Andrew

Friday morning’s OK with me, but needs to be between 9:00 and 9:30, as I have to go out at 10:00:

My email is -



Pryhawn da pawb, I am doing level 1 lesson 19 and would love to have a listening partner if there is one out there for me! I live in Surrey and don’t know any welsh speakers here. I was born in Cardiff and have my hopes set on conversing in Welsh when I visit. If there is someone out there for me please let me know.
Diolch yn fawr iawn


Hi Paula
I’m on level 2, lesson 6, but am falling behind a bit as I’m working from home and my routine has gone to pieces recently! I did have someone that I was going to work with back in September, but I didn’t manage to get to speak with her unfortunately (more priority shifting!).

If you haven’t found anyone else to practice with, I’d like to offer as I haven’t managed to practice with anyone except a little at work. I live in West Wales but was born in Surrey so have a reverse experience to you!

Let me know if we could work together as I really need to get some speaking practice in. I’ve lived in Ceredigion for 30 years so really should be fluent by now…!



@sarah-72 I’m just tagging @paula-15 for you just in case she may not have seen your reply (especially as it’s 9 days later).


Shw’mae sarah-72 and paula-15 and others,
I am doing the 6 minutes a day course and have now reached Week 20 which is when we are expected to start talking to a real person. As a result I am also looking for a partner. I was born in Leicester but grew up in Cardiff. I now live in Germany and, thanks to the lockdown, am spending my time mosly at home.

Roger C. Spencer


Thanks Alan!


Hi Roger, great! Are you following the South or North version? I need to try and get my head around the slack system - have you recorded any sentences yet? I’ll look back at the lessons where I should have done so and try to get some done today. Perhaps if @paula-15 can also join it would give us more practice? Thanks, Sarah


Hello Sarah,
I’m doing both(!) but with emphasis on the South version which I practise Mo-Fr and I do the North version at the weekend. I also am still fighting the slack system but I did record the set of sentences (I want to, I’m going to … etc.) way back when (on Soundcloud?). Do you have Skype? Thanks for your speedy reply. Roger


Hallo sarah-72, paula-15 and anyone else who is trying to find a listening partner for the weekk 20 challenge. I would like to talk to someone, preferably using Skype as I am still fighting a losing battle with slack (and losing my temper with it too). Anyone interested? Roger


Hi @rogerspencer - just a tip, if you want to draw someone’s attention, if you put an @ before their name (like I did here with yours), they’ll receive a notification (rather than just happen to see your post) :slight_smile:


Hello @siaronjames - thanks a zillion for this great tip. We learn something new every day, don’t we?


Hallo @sarah-72 and @paula-15 I would like to repeat the gist of my recent post and ask if you are still interested in talking for the week 20 challenge - preferably on Skype as I still am trying to use slack. Roger.


Yes please I would love you practice

  • I haven’t a
    Clue how we do it though do you ? Is it on zoom?
    Thank you


Hi. I’m looking for someone kind to listen to me speaking Welsh for 5 mins. Not sure how to go about doing this, so would welcome any instructions/tips. Diolch yn fawr, Marita :slight_smile:


Did you find anyone @marita ? I am looking for someone to listen to my sentences, and also the later challenge to swap sentences (I’m playing catch up). Please let me know if you want to arrange this.


Hi Lydia. Thanks for responding. No, I haven’t found anyone yet. Do you know how to go about it? I’ll be happy to swap sentences. I’m doing SSiW alongside of the national Dysgu Cymraeg course and I’m at the Mynediad 2 level, so you might want someone a bit further along than me. That said, I’ve somehow done this speaking course without doing any badges or having any interaction on the forum during Lockdown, just using SSiW’s old material and I’ve now reached the end of level 3.


@marita oooh it sounds like you are miles and miles ahead of me actually. Might want to choose someone else? unless you just want to do these sentences? Zoom would be fine. Feel free to private message me( if you can do that here ) and you want to go ahead,…


Bore da
I’m on week 22 of level 1, but have not managed to get my head around all this tech/communication stuff until now. So I still need to say my sentences to a Welsh speaking/learning person and then swap sentences. WhatsApp or Skype would probably be best for me (or phone…). I’m currently doing South, but interested in North! Look forward to hearing from someone.
Diolch yn fawr iawn


Trying on the forum too, as well as Slack…

I’m looking for a listening/speaking partner who could spare maybe 15 mins on Friday afternoons.
I’m nearly at the end of Level 2 (North).
Any takers, or failing that, any better suggestions for where/how I should ask.