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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hello, I am looking for someone to listen to me speaking in Welsh please?


Hello @thomas-jones-1 and @miki-miyata-lee, I’m looking for someone too. I’m doing the North course and I’m on week 20 of level 1. I can do most days between 9:30 and 2:30 although on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can guarantee that a baby won’t try to join in.

I’d be happy to listen to either of you, if you don’t mind a mis-match in level @thomas-jones-1. @miki-miyata-lee what level are you at?


Diolch. I’m on Level 2 North but am very happy to speak to anyone. The more the better; it definitely all helps.
Will msg tomorrow.


Hi Julia and @thomas-jones-1
I am on week 20 level 1, the north but live in Cardiff. I can do during the lunch break, between 12 30 and 13 30, normally. Don’t mind your baby joining in, I have been there before myself through my kids are in their teen’s now.



Hi everyone / anyone
I need a Welsh listener for my practice sentences. I’m on Level 1 and struggling to find anyone locally because of lockdown. If anyone can give me a regular slot on a Tuesday or Thursday, I’d be grateful. Happy to phone you.


Bore da Ruth,
I am also looking for a Welsh listener. It sounds as if we are at a similar stage (Challenge 19). I live in Germany as well as being in lockdown so it could be nigh on impossible to find another Welsh speaker here! Is Zoom or Skype an option for you?


@glenis-goodman I’m tagging @ruth-livingstone so that she sees your message, by putting an @before her name (just like I’ve done with yours). This way she will get a notification that you’ve replied to her - especially important after a gap of a fortnight.


OK - thank you, Alan. Although Ruth has already sent me a message and I have replied to that.


I would like to find a partner to practise with online please. I am at Challenge 21 but also learnt a bit of Welsh in school which is slowly coming back to me. I work so ideally looking for someone who is free on a weekday evening. Diolch yn fawr.


Anyone out there to help with the 10 minutes speaking sentences, I’m on challenge 6 level 2, both my partners have let me down, I can only do mornings, or anytime Sunday as I’m shifts this week. I feel like I’m lagging behind as with shifts I don’t have time for the zoom meetings. Thank you in advance.


I’m on Level 1, progressing slowly but surely and I’m now looking for someone to share the sentences with, having reached that point in Week 20!
I live in North Wales and doing the North course.
I’m free most days so happy to fit in with anyone’s arrangements if necessary.


Hi, I’m looking for someone to practice sharing sentences with please.
I have recently started Level 2 of the south course.
I’m free for about 20 mins most weekday evenings. Thanks!


Pnawn Da Aran
Would you be willing to listen to me speaking Cymraeg please?
I have actually come to the end of level 1 and completed challenge 25 on the App.
however I have not yet done any recordings, I am happy to do them all if you are happy to listen.
Diolch yn fawr Iawn

Bob Serebriakoff


Hi Irena,

@irena: Have you found a listener? if not, shall we try to figure something out? I have a pretty flexible schedule.

I’m doing the North Wales program, so I’m looking for someone also doing North Wales.



Hello Judy, I’ve got two listeners now, so I did find one. There’s also someone called Phil who is very helpful, I’ll look for his link and send it to you. I would do it with you, but I’m back in work on late shifts, so I don’t have much free time. Good look, and thank you for getting in touch. Diolch.


Hi Irena, glad you found some listening!

So I’m still looking for a listener. I have flexible work hours, so suggest a time when you’ve got 20 minutes and I’m likely to be able to join you.



Hi, all,

I’m still looking! I’m in the States. Any time on Sunday before 6pm Eastern time, 10pm GMT in the UK. MTWTF, before 2pm Eastern, 6pm GMT; or I can take a break from work after 6pm Eastern, 10 pm GMT.

I’m at level one, challenge 20, North Wales.



Hello! I’m Geoff and am working through Level One Challenge 19 (South Wales version). Is there anyone who is prepared to listen to me speaking my practice sentences for 5 minutes? Best done through online video link.


Completed the Going Pink test. In under 5 mins. I was looking for SLACK? but I can’t find it. I wonder could someone point me in the right direction…


If you send an email to with WSP in the title, they’ll send you an invite to the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack. You should receive an invite to the sister group 6/6 (especially for those on the structured course) automatically in one of your course emails. :slight_smile: