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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hello, sorry @judy-5 for not replying, I am back at work in a busy hospital, and I’m struggling for time, especially as my dog has had a stroke. So sorry. Hope you find someone to practice with x


I need a listener, anyone out there on week 20/21 who can listen and who needs a listener?? for the 5 minute practice sentances.


Hello Lorraine, I’m on week 20 and I need a listener (and am willing to listen!) I’m doing N Wales Welsh although I live in South Wales.



Hello Kate, I am on week 21 and need a Welsh speaker as a listener, though I am willing to listen to you if you need someone still. I am doing Southern Welsh. ( I hope to live in Cardiff on of these days!)


Hello Lorraine, it would be very kind of you if you could listen to me. Let me know when would be convenient, if so.
Thanks for the heads-up about what we’re asked to do in week 21! Also pob lwc with getting to live in Cardiff!


Hello Kate, sorry I didnt get back to you yesterday, had a bad day with my arthritis! Any evening after 10pm is fine for me. Dont forget you will need a welsh speaker for week 21!


I need a Welsh speaker as listener for week 21 anyone out there who can help please??


Hi @lorraine-watson are you still looking for someone? I’ve just started week 21 on the Southern course and need to swap sentences with someone


Hello Katherine , Yes I am still looking for someone! I am alos on the Southern course and am Available most evenings.


I’m happy to help if anyone needs a listener. I’ve done the 3 levels of SSiW.


Simae Carin, dwi’n hapus I siarad efo chdi achos dwi dal angen gnued y sialenj siarad am 5 munud.

Hi Carin, I still need to do the 5 minute speaking challenge if you’re free.


S’mae Michael, Dwi’n brysur 'fory ond ar gael bore dydd Iau.
Hiya Michael, I’m busy tomorrow but free Thursday morning.


Hi Carin, I’m really sorry, my notifications seem to automatically disable themselves leaving me unaware someone has replied to my request


No worries :slight_smile:


Hi I’m looking for someone with whom to do the 5 minute to swap 5 minute practice. I’m in Philadelphia so I’m 5 hours behind UK. I’m also not sure how to do a video call, can it be done on Slack? Thanks for any help. I’m workin on Lesson 21.

Christine Hibbard


Hello Lorraine, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you. I’m not great at using these fora! Thanks for replying. I have sort of sorted something for myself, I hope you have found a Welsh speaker too.


Yes I have, thankyou


@kchibbard Hi Christine, Have you found anyone to listen to your sentences yet? If not, I’m happy to be a listener and swap sentences for 5 minutes.


Hi. I have been avoiding this but I know that I really do need to find someone to share the listening/ speaking practice. Is anyone looking for a partner. It would be good to find someone in need at the same level.


I’m not too good at using this forum! Never sure if I’m posting in the right place.
I’m looking for someone to swap sentences with please. I’m on level 1 , challenge 21.