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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hello , I’m on level 1 challenge 21 and would like a partner to listen/swap practice sentences with.:slightly_smiling_face:


I am at essentially the same place and also looking for a speaking partner. What is the best way to find one?


@meriel-jones If you click on Gwyn’s name above, you’ll be able to send him a message and you can work out a suitable time between you. Then you decide what you’re going to use - Zoom, Messenger, Skype etc


Hi, I’m on lesson 19 level one and I need some poor, long suffering martyr to endure my five minutes of Welsh speaking. If anyone is willing to help please get in touch with me


Ann … I’m on lesson 20. I’m doing Northern dialect. I’m willing to join you and we can listen to each other.


Ignore me … I forgot it needs to be azwelsh speaker!


Thank you for the good intentions anyway Julie, I hope we both find someone.


I should be grateful for a partner to help me with Level 1 Challenges 19 & 21 please. This requires listening to my sentences and then swapping sentences. Any volunteers?


Yes i would like to try my welsh speaking with a more proficient Welsh speaker. Current completing mynediad level 2 with dysgu cymraeg as well as using the excellent SSi Welsh.


Mike I just got onto challenge 21 this morning. I’ll do the sentence listening exercise with you. I’m doing Northern though. Not sure if we need to be doing the same dialect …


Bore da Julie. Thanks for the kind offer but I am doing Southern so I rather suspect that may not work.
Regards Mike
Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Bore da Mike, dysgwr De Cymru dw i. Wyt ti’n moyn ymarfer gyda fi?
Good morning Mike, I am a South Wales learner. Do you want to practice with me? Dw i dechrau dosbarth dau deg un y penwythnos 'ma. I am starting lesson 21 this week.


Just saw this, am willing to listen. PM me or reply.Thanks!


Good morning. I’m on level 1, challenge 19 (North) and I’m looking for a listening partner. Thanks


Hi @julie-38. I see you posted this a few weeks ago - did you manage to find a listening partner? I’m just working my way through challenge 19 and I’m looking for one and would be happy to chat with you if you’d like


I did Luis, but not on here, I suddenly realised that zoom terrifies me so I asked on my local community Facebook page and found out a neighbour speaks Welsh so we’ve had a chat face to face most days. If you don’t find someone let me know and ill try and overcome my camera phobia. Good luck


Thanks, @julie-38. I’ll keep looking, but I may come back to you if I can’t find anyone. I’m not a massive fan of Zoom either so maybe we could do a phone call if it comes to it. Anyway, thanks for coming back to me