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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


The weekend after next is fine.

Do you use Skype? If so, please add me to your contacts - I’m bronwen.lewis29 - and let me know your Skype name, so I can add you to mine.

Alternatively, are you a member of the SSiW WelshSpeakingPractice group on Slack? If not, send me your e-mail address so I can invite you to join the group (there were 268 of us in the group at last count, all over the world!)

Then we can agree a date and time to be on Skype or Slack, and I can call you.

Enjoy the wedding!


I don’t use Skype at the moment, but I was assuming I would need to. I have seen the Slack group, but not explored it yet. My email is
The wedding should be fun. We are hoping that the weather holds.


Hi I have reached challenge 11 in the 6-month course and I need some kind SSIW member to chat with me for a few minutes to enable me to continue with the rest of the course. I have reached level 3 in the main courses and believed I was home and dry. However, I discovered that listening is a skill I needed to obtain having visited Wales and found to my horror that I could not understand what was being said.
By enrolling in the 6 month course and returning to basics with the additional listening exercises I am even hearing the words in Aran’s high speed sessions.
So please, I would be so appreciative for any assistance you may be able to offer to enable me to fulfil the commitment I gave on registering the 6 month course, and of course the promise that I made to myself to “dros y bont” this year.

Diolch unwaith eto,
Mal Leyshon


Hi if you want to chat right now, I’m online on Slack. If you prefer Skype, my name there is Gittihad.


I’m in the Slack Welsh Speaking Practice group too, Mal, and happy to chat anytime I’m online. You’re also very welcome to join any of the regular hangouts on there :grinning:


Thank you Brigitte, I went out
as soonm as I posted so I missed your kind offer. I will look out for you on the future.



Hi Siaron, Looking forward toour chat also I will look out for the hangouts


Here’s another plea for help.

I have reached week 10 on the six month course, which means I am up to Challenge 19 at Level 1 and now need to find someone who can listen to my speaking practice a couple of times a week.

I learning North Wales Welsh so ideally I’d like to find someone who speaks, or at least can follow, North Wales patterns and pronunciation. Evenings other than Monday would work best for me and I’m happy to use Google Hangouts or Skype.

Is there anyone out there willing to give it a shot?

Thanks in advance.


I speak Northern Welsh and am happy to help via the Slack WSP group. I’m around most evenings although I hold a regular hangout on Fridays, so other days would be better for me.


That would be great! If I have understood correctly I need to get myself added to the Slack WSP group for that to work, as currently I’m a member of - I’ll email admin to arrange this.


or… @dee , can you add Gareth to the main WSP group?


An email to works best as I can see the email address and get WSP to send an invitation out.


Hi. My name is Phil and I am doing the 2 year course or 6 minutes a day if you prefer. I am currently up to week 40 and am looking for somebody who can listen to my 5 minute sentences. Thank you in anticipation.


Hi. I’m Clare and am on challenge 19 of level 1 on the 6 month course. I don’t have any Welsh speaking friends who would be able to help me on my speaking practice so I would be so grateful if there is someone who would be willing to assist. I live in North Wales and am therefore doing the northern course. I am retired so am really flexible with time. Thank you :grin:


Just a reminder that there are now 441 of us in the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack. If you join that group, and ask there for someone to practise with, there should be plenty of people ready to help. If you haven’t yet joined the group (it’s free), send an e-mail to: to get an invitation.


Hi @clare-6 - very good advice from @BronwenLewis about joining the WSP group on Slack. If in the meantime you’d like a simple chat on Skype, I’d be very happy to do so - I like helping beginners as not so long ago I was one myself. Send me a direct message if that’s easier. Dw i wedi ymddeol hefyd / I’m retired also!


Hi. Thank you for the advice. I’m away for 2 days on an erand so I will look into the WSP group when I’m back. My biggest learning curve at the moment is finding out how to use the forum and Slack😬. Forums etc are all new ground, so I’ll give it go this weekend!


Hi all. I’m learning on the 6 month course and loving it. I’ve reached week 10 and need to speak to someone ‘live’! I live in the North East of England and don’t know anyone who speaks Welsh.
So…I’m looking for someone who would be kind enough to listen to me stumbling through some sentences :grinning: I’m available most of the time. Thank you in advance. Linda


I come from Co Durham, so feel I must answer this. I’m happy to hear you say what you know how to say - send me a message with times when you’re free!


Diolch @BronwenLewis.
Are Thurs or Friday any good for you? I’m very nervous, not least about the technology. How do we actually get to speak to each other?
(Sorry to be dim).