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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


I’m probably the last person to get round to this but does anyone fancy swapping practice sentences with me? I’ve just finished challenges 20 and 21 on the 6 month course and it’s probably better if you’re doing North like me. I’m available most of the time but I’d prefer not mornings.
I promise to listen respectfully to your sentences but only if you keep a straight face whilst listening to mine. I imagine we’d do it on video in Slack - I haven’t tried it yet but it’s supposed to be straightforward.


I’ve come to the bit in the course where I need a 5 minute listener and I’d be happy to be a listener for anyone. Hope there is someone out there who is interested.
Oh and I should have also asked about the ‘swapping practice sentences’ bit, I’m imaging that if I manage to get a listener that we could help each other out for this bit too?
Cheers Pat


Hi Pat, I’d just come to ask the same so perhaps we could help each other out? :slight_smile:


Hi Andrea, That’s great, I’ll have to check how to actually do it, unless you already know? Cheers Pat


Hi Louise Thanks for your reply, I can’t make it to the Tap this Friday and am away from next Friday until the following Friday, it’s a pity as I really would like to go along!.. All best Pat


Hi I’m looking for a listening/speaking partner. I’m on week 14 and am doing the Southern course.


How does the video call work?



Hi Andrea do you still want to be each others listener? Cheers Pat


Hi lewis-phillips, I would be happy to be your listening/speaking partner. I’m on also on week 14 Pat



I should finish challenge 18 tomorrow. I need a listening partner. Any takers?




PS. I am doing North.


Hi Jill, I’m doing North and am happy to listen to you


Not sure what the next steps are. Many thanks.


I’ll direct message you


Hi, I’m looking for someone to listen to my sentences. I’m on week 20 of the 6mins course, so just finishing Challenge 19, level 1. I’m a Gog ( so doing the North course :blush:). Actually, originally from the Midlands, Lloegr. Dw i’n byw yn Llandrillo, ger Nghorwen rŵan!
If you are at a similar level I would happily listen to you too :slight_smile:.


Its a while since you posted @lewis-phillips but I am looking for somone to swap sentences with. I’m doing South. 6 min a day. On week 21 at the moment. Not terribly good eith Slack or Skype but happy to call you.


Would be wonderful! As I am living in Nottingham we have somethong in common. Not good with Slack but happy to call you. When is good for you Robert


Hi Di,
Thanks for your response. I have been asked to ‘swap sentences’ this week, so I would say one and you would say one alternately for a few minutes. The aim isn’t to answer questions or have a conversation, just to allow each other to practice speaking and listening.
If that’s Ok then sometime tomorrow afternoon would be good.


I’m just finishing level 1 and looking for a five minute listener


Helo Robert

Dw i wedi anfon neges newyd yn Slack.

Os gwellwch yn fawr, gadewch imi wybod os nad ydych yn ei dderbyn a byddaf yn ei bostio yma

I left a message on Slack. Please let me know if you don’t receive it and I will post here.