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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners



Would anyone be willing to listen to or share sentences with me, ideally this evening or sometime tomorrow?

Pob hwyl



Neil, I am available this evening if you have time. I am on mainland European time.


Sorry Breandan - I have only just seen this. I am teaching on an intensive course at the moment, so not checking in as often as I used to. How about later today?


No worries. Unfortunately the next two days I have evening classes. We can try a later date just for general practice if you happen to find another listener.


S’mae, I’ve just completed challenge 19 and need a listening partner, I’m learning North. Is there anyone who’d like to share?


Just in case anyone hasn’t yet found a ‘5 minute listener’, I’m usually around on the WSP Slack channel on Thursdays, morning and evening. I’m happy to listen to sentences, and nudge a bit of extra chat out of you!


Sorry Bronwen, you were the only reply I got and I didn’t read it in time.


hello Polly, if you need someone to listen to you, I’d be ready.


Hello Brigitte, thank you, that would be good. I don’t know how we go about it…


Hi all. Im a bit behind on the task stuff for the last couple of weeks. I live in the wilds of Yorkshire so not many welsh speakers!

Is thee anyone who would be up for listening/trading sentences for weeks 20-22?

Skype or whatever



Hi, I have reached Task 19/week 20 in the two year course. That’s ‘reached’ in body but not in skill level. I don’t have a five minute set of sentences yet, nor a partner but am looking for someone patient to possibly practise with. I am doing the South course, am from Wales but live in Eastbourne currently.


Helo Andrew. I “finished” the 6 month South at the end of last year. I never did do sentence swapping because timing did not work out. Thought I’d offer to help yet I am in US and timezone is Eastern. I am most available at 10PM-12AM your time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on the week.
I am on the SSiW6/6 and WSP slack groups as “DC” if you wish to chat.


Hello, As I am in York, I have no lovely Welsh speakers to talk to.
I have not braved the slack drop-in sessions partly due to timing and partly due to feeling I will go blank and also not being sure of the technology.
If anyone is happy to listen I am just about to start week 20 and would like to swap sentences.


Best of luck with finding someone soon Lisa - I hope you get some replies! :slight_smile:


Hi Lisa! I’d love to swap sentences. Are you on Slack? (Asking because it’s very easy to call each other there.)
We can try tonight or tomorrow morning, if you have time. I’m Irina on Slack too. Just message me there and I’ll get online in a few minutes.


Hi I’m currently on level one week 10 and I’d love to find a volunteer to hear my sentences.
PS I’m not sure this is the right place/ way to ask as I’m hopeless with technology!


Good luck with finding someone to practise with @jane-39! :slight_smile:


Hi, @Jane-39! I’m usually on Slack’s Welsh Practice group most Thursdays, (including tomorrow) and happy to have a little chat, and hear people’s sentences. I can also hook up with people via the 6/6 Support group, or on Skype, if easier…


Thanks so much that would be great. Im being really stupid but I’m not sure how to access the Welsh practice group on slack or the 6_/6 support group. I’ve had a look and I m stuck! What’s aaaarrgh in Cymraeg?!


No, you’re not being stupid, just new to our ways! I’ve sent you a private message, with a few details.