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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Hello - I’m a new learner who needs a listener. I’m a bit shy, but eager to learn.


I’m in week 11 level 1 south looking for a practice partner. I got away with saying my sentences last week to my wife and children but anyone around week 10/11 level 1 that wants to swap saying the daily phrases let me know.


Shwmae Jordan.

Jonson dw i. Dw i’n dod o America. I need someone to share sentences with too. If you haven’t already found someone, send me a message and we can set up something.

Or, for that matter, I’m happy to swap with anyone here. More the merrier.


Hi. I’m a Level 1 learner struggling with the technical SSiW stuff and looking for anyone who would very kindly be willing to listen to “the sentences”. Any assistance would be appreciated


are you still looking? I’m behind with level 1 and still haven’t sorted this out. Needing a listener and am happy to listen in return.


Hi Emma. Thanks so much for the message. Desperately still looking for a listener and of course delighted to do the same. Silly question - do we just make own arrangements or do we liaise via Slack or whatever? David


Not silly at all! I’ve no idea how to navigate this forum so perhaps it’s easiest regardless of other options, to arrange separately. Email me on ?


You can do either - Slack can feel daunting to start with, but it’s quite straightforward to set up one-to-one chats (help is always available if you’re not sure how to!)

That’s fine too, but please bear in mind that posts in this forum can be seen publicly too, so it’s best not to post email and phone numbers here. To exchange them, a DM/PM (direct message/private message) is a better option - to do that, click on the name of the person you want and click the blue ‘message’ button. Anything you post there will just be between you and them, and any replies will show up as a green dot next to your avatar in the top banner. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the guidance - all very much appreciated.


I’m on challenge 18 but haven’t had the confidence to speak Welsh yet. Would anyone partner me please? Diolch


Hello, I’m level 1 and I would like a partner to listen to me for five minutes.


Helo Gaynor. Have you found a partner yet? I’m also looking for a partner and I’m on challenge 21. It would be great if we could join up and practice.


Hi there, I am on challenge 19. Looking for a fellow listener/speaker. Please dm me if you are interested. Diolch! :grin:


Hi Barbara, I’ve only just seen your email as if went into my ‘junk’. It would be great to partner up but I have to admit to not being very confident!


hi Stephanie I’m learning South Wales Welsh and would like to have a chat sometime


Bore da gaynor, I’m learning North Welsh but it would still be nice to chat. :blush:,


Hi there pawb, I’m still really keen on finding someone to chat with. I’m doing North walian and I’m on week 11. Im friendly, love welsh, live in West Yorkshire. It would be really lovely to chat with anyone


Hi @stephanie-ingham

Good Welsh tonight!.. and an interesting (unusual!) exercise - but Task 5 complete !

Rich :slight_smile:


Hooray, diolch yn vawr iawn,! :grin:



Hello Gaynor,
Are you still looking for speaking practice? I am on challenge 19, starting 20 tomorrow (South Wales), and I need a chat partner