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Washington, DC: Saturday 1 May 2021 next monthly meetup (via Zoom!)


Another month, another meetup – Saturday, 4 March, 10:30-noon at Teaism Penn Quarter in downtown Washington, D.C. Full details in the full post of this thread!

If you’ve never attended, you’d be amazed – we routinely have 6-10 people, at all levels of Welsh. :slight_smile:


It’s not an April Fools’ joke, it’s a monthly Washington, D.C. meetup – Saturday, 1 April, 10:30-noon at Teaism Penn Quarter. Full details in the first post of this thread. :slight_smile:


Here it comes again: Another monthly meetup in Washington, DC, this Saturday, May 6, 10:30-noon at Teaism Penn Quarter. Full details in the first post of this thread. Come on down!


Attention! We will NOT meet in Washington, D.C., on the first Saturday of June as usual, because our broader Welsh Society has its Annual General Meeting the next day (see our Facebook page, Washington DC Welsh, or our website at for details).

Instead, we WILL meet a week later – Saturday, June 10, 10:30 - noon at Teaism Penn Quarter. Full details in the first post of the thread. Join us!


Welsh Language for visitors from the USA. Can someone in Washington (where I lived for 3 years) please tell me why it might have been a problem for a party of US visitors to Beddgellert in the heart of Welsh-speaking Snowdonia and Wales - not even knowing how to say ‘Bore da’? I recall some US citizens I met in Washington always calling Great Britain ‘England’ and thinking Wales is a small part of England around Caernavon castle! Mind you they believed their ideas were justified when, motoring along the A303 in SW England they saw a road sign pointing to ‘Wales’, a small English village near the Naval Air Station in Somerset! So maybe they could be excused for not trying to speak a few words of Cymraeg?. .


Sorry, I don’t think I understand what you’re asking…? Are you wondering why visitors from the US to Wales didn’t know any Welsh? I think it’s probably true of most visitors to Wales, from England or Scotland or France or anywhere else, isn’t it? In general, I think people are reluctant to try saying even a few words of a language if they have no clue how it’s pronounced. As a group, I don’t think non-locals do much better at trying the local language when they visit Slovenia or Thailand or Morocco (based on my experience in all three places).

I wish that Wales, and specifically the Welsh Tourist Board / Visit Wales, did a better job of marketing the Welsh language as (a) very different from English (most non-Welsh think it’s likely a dialect of English, which wouldn’t be surprising given geography), and (b) a huge ASSET to Wales, and a fun thing to encounter during a vacation there.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, tahl! Mae’n ddrwg gen i. You are quite right! Pronunciation is so important, especially when, as in Wales, North Walian differs somewhat from South Walian!! I loved my time in Washington and made many friends there. I wish I had known about the Washington DC Meet-Ups before. How are they going? I hope they are a huge success. Llwyddiant fawr a bendigedig!
Cofion gorau,


Shwmae, bawb! Apologies for the late posting here, but I hope you know from other sources of info that we are NOT holding our usual first-Saturday-of-the-month gathering of the Washington, D.C. Welsh Conversation Group today because of the holiday weekend. Come join us as usual next month (Saturday, 5 August 2017, 10:30-noon, Teaism Penn Quarter)!


Aaand as a reminder, we’re on for the Washington DC meetup next Saturday, 5 August 2017, 10:30-noon at Teaism Penn Quarter! See first post for details. :slight_smile:


Announcement: Since lots of our gang are going to the North American Festival of Wales in Rochester NY this weekend, there will be NO usual first-Saturday-of-the-month meetup in Washington DC this weekend.

Our next gathering will be Saturday, 7 October, 10:30-noon, at Teaism Penn Quarter. See first post for details. See ya then!


Cheeky little reminder that we’re meeting in Washington DC THIS SATURDAY (October 7th), 10:30 - noon, at Teaism Penn Quarter, to siarad Cymraeg and laugh. Just the usual, you know. See first post of the thread for details. :slight_smile:


Aaaand we’re on as usual for this Saturday, 4 November 2107, from 10:30 to noon at Teaism Penn Quarter in downtown Washington, D.C. Full details at top of thread. Come join us, everyone!


Come one, come all – dewch yn llu! – to our regular monthly meetup, this Saturday, 2 December 2017, from 10:30 to noon at Teaism Penn Quarter in downtown Washington, D.C. Full details at top of thread!


Hei @evans-michael-p – It was terrific to have you join us on Saturday, and your Welsh is so impressive already! Then again, compared to your other languages, it’s child’s play . . . :slight_smile:


And yep yep, we are on track for our monthly meeting this Saturday, 6 January 2018, from 10:30 - noon at Teaism Penn Quarter in central Washington, D.C. Join us! Full details in first post of the thread.


I hope the weather warms up a bit for you by then!


There will be NO Welsh Conversation Group gathering in DC in February, because a number of our “regulars” have a conflict. But we have other suggestions for how to use your Welshy time wisely!

  • The Six Nations rugby tournament starts this Saturday morning at 9:15am with Wales v. Scotland! Keep an eye on to see if people are gathering at a particular bar to watch. But . . .good news! NBC has signed a deal to carry all the 2018 Six Nations games in the US. They’ll be split over its various networks, so take a look at the schedule of your TV provider to find the games and watch from the comfort of home.

  • Don’t forget to register for our fabulous St. David’s Day Banquet on Saturday, February 24th, held this year at an exciting new venue of the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda! You can find all the information and the registration form at .

Next gathering: Saturday, 3 March 2018, 10:30-noon at Teaism Penn Quarter. Full details in first post of the thread!


This weekend’s meetup approaches (see immediately previous post)! Come continue the hwyl of St David’s Day – last weekend’s banquet, last night’s reception on Capitol Hill for Prif Weinidog Carwyn Jones. Croeso I bawb!


Aaand this coming Saturday morning – April 7th – is our regular monthly meetup in Washington, D.C. Join us! Full details in the first post of this thread.


Hi Tahl,

I don’t suppose you know of any groups around the NYC area do you?