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Weekly Welsh chat group in Wrexham


Cofiwch…Sesiwn Siarad Clwb Clebran
Pob Nos Iau - 7.30pm
Every Thursday - 7.30pm
At Saith Seren, Chester St, Wrecsam

Mwy gwybodaeth / More information


Post-Pandemic Meetups

Is that the main evening for learners / new Welsh speakers now @phil-egan?


Yes, very much so. It runs every week. I went a couple of weeks ago, and there were about 10 people at various levels from beginners to fluent. Very welcoming to new people.


That’s great I ll be coming 7 juli



“Join us on Thursday 7th July for a local history tour, in Welsh around Wrexham.”



I should add, that the tour will be by Phil Phillips, not me!


Gwilym Bowen Rhys this Saturday.


sounds great. hopefully you will do this again sometime, but 1st and 3rd thursdays is our Siarad Shotton meeting. I have mentioned to menter iaith the idea of a train ride from shotton to wrexam with a guided tour at the end, picking up welsh groups along the way ?? with a tour at the end of course!!
i hope you have a successful evening on Thursday…
rich P


Hi Rich,

I’ve only been once, so not really the best person.

I would go to the Facebook group and talk to Deb Murray.