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Welsh courses on memrise


If you find any mistakes in a course that is otherwise good, you can choose to ignore that particular word/phrase.
I’ve learnt to keep a dictionary handy when I first go through a course - not needed for everything, but very reassuring to check that you really are learning the correct spelling.
The worst bit for me is when you’re learning the same word on two different courses, but one has one variant and the other another, e.g. ysgubell and sgubell, or hyfryd and dymunol, or cynnes and twym. Very confusing when you’re at the Review stage and can’t remember which is the right translation for that particular course!

The best course I’ve come across so far is “Welsh Vocabulary (images and audio!)” which has over 1000 words/phrases and every single one has the audio with it, so no problems knowing how to pronounce them.


Hi can you send me a link to the adjectives Memrise I can’t seem to find it


Is it this one?



I think so
Dw I’m meddwl diolch yn fawr


As @Hendrik said above, it’s hard to get words to stick when you try to learn them out of context. I am currently doing an online Uwch course, so I am using Memrise to learn the words from that. It tends to be a one-way process. I can see the English word and translate it to Welsh, but if I see the Welsh word, I can’t remember what it means. To try to combat this, I am creating myself a Memrise course that goes the other way. It shows me the Welsh word and I have to supply the English. I am not sure if it will work. If I learn the words in both directions they might stick. Maybe.