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Welsh Language Music/ Cerddoriaeth Cymraeg


I remember on the old forum there was a huge fantastic catalogue/ database listing many many Welsh songs people were listening to.

Is that still going here. If not - may I start a new one here? :slight_smile: os gwelwch yn dda!

Learning a language through song is a great way of picking up new words for me!



Diolch yn fawr!


They don’t call Wales ‘The Land of Song’ for nothing! Makes your heart overflow with pride.

(Still not sure if I am posting these correctly though?)


Yes, the post works correctly with people able to click on the link, but this is quite an old thread. The one pointed to above by rickyfreeman is a better one to use as it’s very active. Just click on the blue title ‘Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files’ and it will take you there.