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Welsh Learners in the Solent Area


Hiya, I’m in the early stages of learning Welsh but would really benefit from some face to face practice so if there’s any learners in the Portsmouth ‘ish’ area that would be interested in forming a group that would be brilliant.




@dee? :slight_smile:


Hi @alun-rees,
It sounds like you’re in the general area that the CACEN group usually covers - south east England. The contact person for that group is @markwatkinprice They have monthly meetups that travel around the general Surrey/Hants/Sussex area, and Mark will be able to let you know the details of the next one.

Another person who could give you information is @sumsmeister - Gary - if he’s around.


Shwmae @alun-rees - I’m a Welsh learner on the Isle of Wight (Ynys Wyth) and would be very interested in a meet-up in the immediate Solent area - e.g. Portsmouth, Southampton, Lymington etc, or dare I say, even here on the IOW? The CACEN meetings in Sussex are a bit too far for me (not being a driver), though there was one in Portsmouth the other month which I went to. But a Solent group, if it’s possible to achieve, sounds like a potentially good idea… Alan.


Great stuff. Thank you Dee.



Hello Alan,

Sounds a plan. I’m in Pompey hen!

Are you on Skype? Perhaps we can practice using that occasionally but it would be good to meet for a beer in a month or two siared Cymraeg after I’ve made a bit more progress:)




Yep I’m on Skype and that might be a good place to start. @alun-rees
Also, you may not yet know about the Welsh Speaking Practice site hosted on Slack? - you can chat there with learners of all abilities round Britain and indeed the world without leaving your living room.
But let’s start with a Skype chat (when you’re ready), and see if there are any other takers for a Solent group meet-up.


Thank you for the tip.

My Skype address is icp_alunr

All the best.



I’d happily join in another group - living in Portsmouth as I do I’m in a good spot to join in with a Solent group. The CACEN meetings are something I hope wouldn’t overlap…


@sumsmeister Well even if they did overlap a little Gary, it wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world? individuals would still be free to attend whichever meetings they wished - much as they seem to travel to neighbouring areas in other parts of the country already. I would simply see the focus of a Solent group as Pompey westwards (and south!), instead of eastwards. But at the moment it’s just conjecture, as we don’t so far have any takers from Southampton etc. But let’s wait and see…


Absolutely. In the early days I often travelled to Cardiff for the meetings in Coffee#1 shop…
Quite a few people are infrequent frequenters of the forum, so there’s time…


I’d definitely be interested in a Solent group. I live in Basingstoke but work near Southampton at the moment so Portsmouth is about as far east as I generally go on the south coast.


Shw’mae @vikta,
That’s interesting. It’s likely to be a very informal meet-up to start off with, if we can get something off the ground.
I think I might have seen you in one of Nicky’s hangouts on Slack? but of course had no idea where you (or anyone else) lived or worked.
Away for a few days in Caerdydd. Will speak again in due course.


Hi Pawb

It goes without saying that anyone in the Pompey group will be welcome at the Sussex/Hants/Surrey Cacen combine. Just so’s you know, we have fixed our meetups to be the second Saturday of each month.

Anyone who wants to be added to the Cacen mailing list, please PM me with your email address and I’ll add you.

Edrych ymlaen at eich gweld chi




Hi Alun,

I work on the Terraces and am sometimes found wandering down the High Street and around the Camber in my lunch hour muttering in response to Aran’s commands.

I’d be interested in a Pompey-based beer and chat session if my rather limited and irregular availability permits.



Hey Jonathan! It was good to meet you (fairly!) recently!! Looking forward to seeing you the next time. Alun, shall we set a date in November? What’s everybody’s availability?


November’s going to be quite a busy month for me and my evening commitments are irregular but I will make every effort to join you. I’m committed at least three weekday evenings each week (all different combinations!). I suggest that you pick a date that suits the rest of you or the majority and I’ll join you if at all possible. Weekends might be possible but not 10th or Remembrance Day.


Hi Vitka,
I also live in Basingstoke and I go to the Winchester SSiW meetup - we normally meet about once a month. There is also a Welsh learners group in Basingstoke, which I think is still in operation (PM me if you want the details).


Hi everyone - shall we pick a Friday evening in November as a starter for ten. How about the 9th or 16th as options. Apologies for my tardiness on this Forum - I’m not very organised!!


I could do the 9th but not the 16th…