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Welsh Learners in the Solent Area


Unfortunately I’m the other way round. I can do the 16th but not the 9th. :frowning:


How about we go for one of the last two Fridays in November instead (23 or 30). Be good if we can find a time and date that suits at least 3 of the group. All the best. Alun


I can’t do 9th, might be able to do 16th, can’t do 23rd but should be OK for 30th. :crossed_fingers:


I can do both the 23rd and 30th - wow! :+1:


I can also do both the 23rd and 30th November.


Shall we say the 30th then everyone. Say 7.30 meet up in Pompey?


OK Alun, 30th November it is, at 7:30. Let us know where you’re thinking of as a meeting place…


@AlanP, if you’re coming from the south island, presumably on the cat, I would suggest that we consider meeting either on The Hard (but not sure of which establishment) or the Spice Island/Broad Street/High Street area.
I’m not sure about GWQ as a Friday evening there might be a bit lively.


@SteakAndEggs Hi Jonathan (hope I’ve remembered your name correctly), thanks for this. You are spot on with my location in the south-west - whether you intuited this or recalled me saying it, well done. The Hard area sounds like a good suggestion, though I suspect we may need to be a bit flexible given it’s a Friday evening.

Beyond that, it would be good to have a meeting on the Island sometime, though the logistics, ferry fares (as always), possibly weekend daytime rather than evening & so on will require some thought. But let’s see how this meeting goes first. Diolch yn fawr.


S’mae AlanP.
I have been following your posts as I too live on the Isle of Wight. I am not confident as yet to get involved in conversations as I am only on level 1 challenge 13. However I hope to get more involved in conversations / meet ups in the future. Hwyl.


Hi @hillt2878, Good to hear of another Welsh learner on the Island. Yes the confidence thing is a bit of a barrier initially, but it’s surprising how much easier it gets when you’ve taken the plunge. That being so, if and when you’re ready and you feel like a short 1-to-1 chat - it need only be a few shwmaes & similar initially - do get in touch. You can always send me a direct message by clicking on my profile details. Hwyl.


Hello everyone. Sounds like a posse is being formed for a ‘siarad cymraeg’ meeting in Portsmouth on the 30th. Excellent point about the problem of finding a quietish pub in the area on a Friday evening but there is one near the seafront -the Auckland Arms - which might fit the bill. Very friendly and generally quiet. We could all meet at the Hard and go from there? Pob hwyl. Alun


OK Alun, 30th November, 7:30 pm at the Hard.
Just tagging @vikta, @SteakAndEggs, @sumsmeister and @hillt2878 to make sure they all see this.


Hi team. Just thinking of venues:- The Invincible may fit the bill, but three minutes walk gets you to The Mary Rose, which is quiet and is also a Chinese Restaurant these days. (The bar/seating area is separate.)
I’ll have a trot round this Friday and get a fresh perspective…


There’s nothing to say that you have to speak Welsh all the time, interjecting English words/phrases is the only way forward on occasion. I would say the sooner you start trying what you know, the better and I know that there will be an extremely helpful atmosphere!!


Could anyone tell me the best place to park on the 30th? I’ll be driving over from work and have only ever gone to Portsmouth by train before.


Hi vikta. There are two NCP car parks just off The Hard, one in Wickham Street (multi-storey and could be considered “tight” manoeuvring) and another called The Harbour in Havant street. If you Google “NCP Portsmouth” it will give you a better idea. As I am a local, and parking is controlled, I’d be happy to give you a 12hour ticket for local parking (and anyone else who’d like one). You can park on Queen Street itself in various locations for free, most notably on the metered section near the Maritime Club but not until 6:00 pm.
All the best.


If we are going to the Mary Rose as suggested by @sumsmeister, they have a car park for customers in front of the building. Car parking in roads adjacent to it have a 1 hour limit but opposite it and the other sides of Cambridge Junction in Cambridge Road, Museum Road and the High Street the metered bays are free after 18:00. Those bays are also only a short walk from The Hard if we were to meet somewhere there.


I haven’t managed to get back home early enough on a Friday to investigate the Hard pubs for quiet ambiences etc, so apologies for that. If we end up in the Mary Rose, I hope you like the smell of Chinese food…


Looking forward to seeing @vikta, @steakAndEggs, @sumsmeister, @AlanP and @hilt2878 this coming Friday eve at 7.30 perhaps in the Ship and Anson pub to start (especially if it’s raining!). Its right across from the new bus station on the Hard and a decent pub to gather, before heading to the Mary Rose. Pob hwyl. Alun.