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Welsh Learners in the Solent Area


Hello @vikta, @steakAndEggs, @sumsmeister, @AlanP and @hilt2878,

It’s been a while since we met up in Pompey. Can I suggest another face to face meet up in say Southampton on either Saturday 1 or 8 of June? Possibly go bowling or base it on an activity?

@AlanP -Hi Alan I know you have the details of a few more potential learners in the Solent area who may be interested in this so perhaps you could send this on?

Please let me know what you think.

Pob hwyl.



Tagging @emma-powell and @hillt2878 (two ll’s).

I think that includes everyone so far. Will respond again once others have had a chance…


I’m not here for either of those weekends :cry:. I have a triathlon on the 1st and off to a concert in Brighton the following weekend.


Regretfully I am busy on both those Saturdays. The Sundays are free though…


I can do the 8th but not the 1st (SSIW big birthday bash). Cant do either Sunday either as I’ve got a rehearsal on the 9 for a concert on the 16th.


I’m at the 10th birthday party too, but could do the 8th.
See you there, Vikta! By the by, would you like a lift to Caernarfon?


Well I could likewise do the 8th. It would be great to pick a date that everyone could make but whether it’s ever possible is a moot point.

@vikta - Can you suggest anywhere obvious for us to meet in Soton? Might West Quay be a bit crowded? Anywhere Above Bar, or maybe even along the seafront so we could combine the meetup with a stroll? I pass thru Soton such a lot from ferry to train, but rarely stop to have a good look round.


The Red Lion Inn on High Street is a 15/16th Century Inn, if you like a bit of history…