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Welsh learners/speakers in Surrey/West Sussex?


Hi Terry, thanks for letting me know.


Very sorry, I can’t be there tomorrow but still want to participate in future meetings.


Harry Dowling


Hi Sarah, I’m running a bit late hope to catch a train from North camp before three so should be at the station threeish let me know if you decide to postpone due to lack of interest and my tardiness


Thank you Sarah for organising this. Having been involved in a similar group a few years back I really hope those who didn’t turn up find the time to join next time. I know these things are immensely difficult to organise and how disheartening it can be when no-one shows up. We can make this work if we all get involved. Let’s pull out all the stops next time. Let’s embrace those who put the effort in to give us these opportunities.


Hi, Just seen your post and I’m wondering if you have managed to set up a regular meet up in Guildford.
I live in Walton-on-Thames and just finishing level 1. Would love to join and get some practise with real people.
Many thanks


Hi Katy,
I think Sarah probably gave up because I was the only other person who turned up and I was late due to a problem with public transport between Basingstoke and Guildford. IF this gets off the ground I’d be happy to join and now I know the challenges of the trains I’ll probably drive to be sure to get there on time. However, in the meantime if you want to chat b y phone or Zoom or similar, I’ll be happy to do that too. I’ve just started the Deep Dive and I’m also studying Sylfaen with Coleg Gwent on line and I really need speaking practice, but due to work commitments I can’t join the normal SSiW chat sessions.


Terry, I missed your posting, so I am replying over 5 months late. If you are still in Effingham, perhaps we could meet and converse/study. I have a book I’m finding a good supplement to SSiW called Cymraeg Efo Ffrind. Although I can work through it on my own, it would be better using it as it was intended, I think.