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Could possibly be “Dim ond Cysgodion” which is a song by Meic Stevens, but others have done cover versions, so if it was this song, I don’t know which version you’d have heard. In fact I played on one such cover when Estella, covered it on the I’r Brawd Houdini tribute album (and there were a lot of Pink Floyd fans in Estella!) here’s our version :

PS - here’s Meic’s original:


Right song, it was actually Meic Stevens’ original they played. (I was wondering if it was because he’d just died, but it turns out that that’s Meic Stephens.)


Oh good, I’m glad that was the right song. I thought the lyrics sounded familiar! :smiley:


I’ve often wondered what they are singing at the start and end of the SSiW videos themselves - the song for Level 1 is quite mysterious! (For the South at least, not sure about North).




Dw i’n gwbod nawr, diolch yn fawr! :slight_smile:
(In case I didn’t write that well, I meant to say, “Well now I know, thanks a lot!”)

Have mercy on me, for this is post #666 :anguished:


I’ve just discovered Babi’r Eirlys by 9bach!


Hearing Lisa Jên on a programme on S4C (Ffwrnes gerdd) resulted in my first real conversation in Welsh. I knew the name of the programme but couldn’t remember the name of the singer so, when I was in a bookshop/record shop ‘Ym Mhwllheli’ I asked for help in Welsh and managed, with a lot of help from the owner, to track her down. I bought a copy of ‘Tincian’ which I play often. I found the programme on You tube but don’t know how to upload it to this site., but I’ll give it a go. although I think this is only a still from the programme.


Here you go:

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Diolch yn fawr @robbruce


Time once more for HMS Morris I think…


Fideo newydd o Adwaith / New Video from Adwaith:



clywais i y gan hon ar raglen radio newydd radio cymru ‘Y Tri Gwr Ffôl’.
i heard this song on radio cymru’s new show Y Tri Gwr Ffôl.


Cool video


I blant (a dysgwyr!) / For children (and learners :wink: )






Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for traditional choral / organ Welsh music, things like Ar Hyd y Nos?


Ooh - I heard Lliwiau by 9bach (off the same album) on Georgia Ruth’s show & love it. I know it’s actually a hippy-dippy song about natural childbirth, but the skittering, off-kilter percussion as I was driving home in the dark gave it a rather spooky feel to me that I haven’t shaken, despite knowing that it’s probably not intended.
I can understand about half the words to it, but despite her enunciating fairly clearly I still haven’t caught the rest, and I keep wondering if I should ask here for someone to transcribe them, or just keep on persevering myself…