Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


I’ve taken the liberty of implementing Tatjana’s suggestion. :smile:
It is indeed, a lovely version. If you manage to attend one of the Tresaith Bootcamps, you might hear dozens(?) of other renderings with a range of different melodies. :grinning:


Ooo, ya … everyone has it’s own one. :slight_smile:


There’s a couple of artists I’ve come across who are findable on YouTube, but seem to have been in physical media only just a few years too soon to have since become legally available online in moderately good quality (as in, I could just record them off YouTube, but it’d be dodgy on grounds of law and quality, not to mention the artists getting any money for their work). So I’m wondering about second hand physical media, or something, and drawing a blank.

So: does anyone have any practical suggestions re getting hold of Jecsyn FFeif ‘Byw Mewn Gwlad’ (came out on cassette only, I think, which I can no longer play) or Pep Le Pew ‘Un Tro Yn Y Gorllewin’?


This was uploaded to Soundcloud by Dyl Mei specifically to make it available for free.


As for cassettes, they’re really quite collectable, so the chances are that you’ll only be able to find one by pure luck in a charity shop, though there are people who tour the charity shops of north Wales specifically on the lookout for rare Welsh language recordings.


Brilliant – all downloaded now :slight_smile:


Thanks Tatjana. I have posted music before in the right area. I am not sure I have got the hang of it yet. I can’t seem to find it most of the time. Not sure why I cant find it though. ShouId I be posting music as a new topic perhaps. Its not Iisted in the drop down menu under GeneraI. Suggestions weIcome!


Thank you for heIping. I am not sure why I can’t find the WeIsh Music Videos and audio fiIes. I even tried typing it into the search box. :thinking:


This is the thread…


this is the music video thread btw


You’re welcome.

When comming to this topic, bookmark it and if you can’t find it other way you can always click on your bookmarks clicking on your icon picture on the right upper corner and than bookmarks. On the phone or tablet I believe it works prety much the same. When you clicking/tapping bookmarks, you’ll see all your bookmarks and so you’ll easily find the thread. Bookmark topic is the tab right under this topic together with the tabs “share”, “flag”, “invite”, “Reply”, and the tab where you can regulate when you’ll get allerts of the particular topic.

I hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Thanks Tatjana,

I have found the bookmarks now. You have been really helpful.
I think I was wondering around saying to myself, “where am I?” :rofl:
I shall post something again later to try it out. I have noticed that you are a mine of technical information.
Diolch yn far iawn!



Casi Wyn




Earth Kitt - Mae 'Nghariad i’n Fenws





Amser i ‘Plant Duw’ ! I’ll raise your plant duw with this plant duw (cover admittedly :wink: )