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My second attempt to post this for
Black History Month Cymru.


Good punk song efo geiriau


lol Cymraeg/ nonsense Welsh … but fun tune!


I’m going to have to stop you on a technicality. You can’t ‘raise’ me with another vid from my own YouTube channel! :wink: :smile:


Mi dria eto!

Obscure song trump card!




Efallai byddi di’n mwynhau’r gân ma!

Perhaps you will enjoy this song! … important social history about the Rebeca riots and fight against unfair road taxes on the “little” people of SW Wales…they certainly did not stay small! :wink:



Yes, thank you. It’s a great song and points out the strength of the Welsh spirit. The injustice is palpable!
I wonder where the memorial stone with Rebeca on it is placed? I don’t think I have seen it, except in photos or video.
Diolch i ti.


hud a lledrith



Thanks for these @brynle I was brought up on the Border between Northumberland and Scotland, so the sound of the pipes, from both sides was always part of the background. I play the Northumbrian smallpipes and would love to get hold of the music for these tunes. It may sound daft in the extreme, but these tunes give me a sense of a shared heritage.


There’s an old joke, isn’t there, that goes something like:

What’s the difference between the Scottish and the Northumbrian pipes?

Well, the Northumbrian pipes is a musical instrument…

Oddly enough, I was looking at a new follower on my YouTube channel the other day, and they had posted some traditional Balkan music featuring a hurdy gurdy and some bagpipes! Turns out that the bagpipes were first developed by the Hittites in Asia Minor three thousand years ago.


Yes, but be careful where you tell it as it doesn’t go down well in all the pubs in the Border country.



Mae’n bleser gen i :slight_smile:

My father is from Fife and his family play the pipes… so I’ll keep an eye out for Welsh pipes for you :smiley:

QUESTION TO ALL … what type of audio files can I post here? Just music? or stuff to help dysgu Cymraeg?


New from Adwaith.


They are one of my favorite Welsh bands…just brilliant. Excited for their album Melyn to release on October 12.


Shw mae, Brynie:

I’m not an admin, so my answer is far from definitive, but I’ve always seen this thread as music only, either videos or audio, like Soundcloud. You can always start a new thread in the “General” area and keep adding to it. that’s my suggestion.


Me too. I’ll be seeing them live in a couple of weeks, supporting Gwenno. Really looking forward to that.