Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


Talking of whom…





Long awaited, but I finally got round to uploading…


Dolch am rhannu, RobBruce. I’ve not listened to Gwenno before and Kizzy blows my mind. Who can resist YWS Gwynedd? Great songs all around.



it’s fantastic, been listening on radio cymru catch up, really stands out.


Gwenno delves into her Cornish roots and language with this documentary singing as well as speaking entirely in Cornish. Absolutely amazing.


i’d love to see gwenno live!


this is getting worn out on radio cymru, so before we all get fed up with it…here it is!


Excellent! :ok_hand:







Thank you RobBruce. I appreciate all the videos and Soundcloud links you upload. Candelas is played weekly.


It’s a pleasure. I know how important music and its links into the culture has been to me on my learning journey.
By the way, if you think that the bass guitarist in Ysgol Sul looks like he could be the older brother of the drummer out of Adwaith, then… :wink:


that’s an interesting bit of information, thank you . I’ll have to check out Ysgol Sul now. Funny thing is, I suck at remembering faces. So if I saw them both standing next to each other at a concert venue, I would be the last person to know they are brother and sister. :smile: