Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files



Hey does anyone know who these guys are?
It starts off like a classic garage-punk tune, then turns into a weird mix of Franco Battiato and power pop! I’m hooked. :rofl: Really curious to find out more about them! :smiley:




Not sure of the link or the band. :grimacing:


I was looking for info about what I expect to be this week advanced content interviewee and found the pretty unusual comp above.
Now I see the guy who posted the one you linked has quite a lot of videos along that - I believe - 70s to early 80s Welsh music scene I didn’t know. Quite a bunch of weird stuff in there! :open_mouth:


Yes I had a listen a bit quirky ha. Still great though. :+1:


Dim Ond Heddiw Tan Yfory - Only Today Until Tomorrow
Fideo newydd o Siddi. New video from Siddi:



“Meistroli iaith leiafrifol fel hobi” :wink:


Dreampop from Yr Eira… filmed in the rightful capital of Wales…



Punk band with some dodgy (amheus) songs but this one is safe for here!





I heard this for the first time yesterday and it’s Trac yr Wythnos on Radio Cymru this week - Alys Williams singing ‘Dim ond’


I heard it on Radio Cymru this morning. Fascinating and haunting.


Diolch, Dee and @robbruce I rely upon this thread for new Welsh music additions. I’m not sure why I’m surprised at the vast diversity of Welsh music, so many different styles and blending of dialects (north/south) and English to make the word(s) fit the melody line. It’s beautiful.


A mix of old and ‘retro’ new

Synthwave retro - Omaloma

Hen Gân gan Mary Hopcyn