Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files



Hey does anyone know who these guys are?
It starts off like a classic garage-punk tune, then turns into a weird mix of Franco Battiato and power pop! I’m hooked. :rofl: Really curious to find out more about them! :smiley:




Not sure of the link or the band. :grimacing:


I was looking for info about what I expect to be this week advanced content interviewee and found the pretty unusual comp above.
Now I see the guy who posted the one you linked has quite a lot of videos along that - I believe - 70s to early 80s Welsh music scene I didn’t know. Quite a bunch of weird stuff in there! :open_mouth:


Yes I had a listen a bit quirky ha. Still great though. :+1:


Dim Ond Heddiw Tan Yfory - Only Today Until Tomorrow
Fideo newydd o Siddi. New video from Siddi:



“Meistroli iaith leiafrifol fel hobi” :wink:


Dreampop from Yr Eira… filmed in the rightful capital of Wales…