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I’ve bought Melyn but had not viewed The Latest video. Diolch RobBruce.


Just testing to see if I can paste a spotify link in here…

Cheesy, but fun.


Should be a good listen for Peel fans.



OK, I appreciate that this comment is getting a bit specialised but - Aderyn Pur kept coming into mind, but with the thought that there were some English words to it. I’ve just realised, the Hymn tune, St Peters (How sweet the name of Jesus sounds) is so similar - well the first line anyway. I’m sure that Aderyn Pur pre-dated it, and apparently was included in a list of traditional Celtic Folksongs almost the same year that St Peters was written.

Incidentally, also what about The South African National Anthem “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” and the hymn tune “Aberystwyth”?


I just found this by Al Lewis. It’s beautiful and describes what I used to call the ‘empty nest syndrome’

Apologies if I have posted this wrongly? I couldn’t remember how to post a new song and could only find the arrows to reply. :roll_eyes:


Gorgeous Welsh tune.

Nyth y gwcw (The cuckoo’s nest) - you may also see the spelling Gôg for cuckoo too in Welsh


What a voice!
Am lais euraidd!


Beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sure I’ve heard this before, but sung in Gaelic, probably by Capercaillie. I’ll have to go through my CDs to find it.


Danielle Lewis singing the same song in her first and second languages.
Nice to be able to understand them both.


Here come the Christmas songs…


Even in English medium (Cyfrwng Saesneg) we had to sing this


Here is love like the seas (ocean) … Dyma gariad fel y moroedd


“Annwyl Santa” is my first Welsh Christmas song. Not sure what that means, if anything. HA!


Enya’s tribute (teyrnged) to Capel Celyn

Dan y dŵr - Under the water


Atgofion! Memories!


One of my all time favourite worship songs. Absolutely stunning sung in Cymraeg. :two_hearts:


Sad song but beautifully sung


According to this article, Gwenwyn by Allfa song is the first Welsh language song to hit 1 million Spotify plays.

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