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Trywydd Iawn
Al Lewis


Someone just shared this on Facebook if anyone is interested?

Full Film


I love this, soooo funny


I loved it too. Does everyone know about these digital download films I wonder?

I can’t quite work out where we can download them from though :thinking: I must be missing something.


The link doesn’t seem to work (at least on my computer), there’s an error message. Maybe there really was something missing… :smiley:

By the way, the Hedd Wyn film is also currently available on S4C clic (with optional English or Welsh subtitles).
(unless it’s a different movie, but I don’t think so, is it?)


Oh, it’s not just me then. Thanks for the link but I did watch it just yesterday on click. Lovely film. I will send a message to Parallel Cymru



Y bluen eira = The snowflake
Appropriate song for the coming snow! Harder rock sound!


Beefy song!
I think “Yn Rhydiau’r afon” … means “to be on your death bed”? … vague memory of it being said as a kid when my hen fam-gu was dying :frowning: and someone non-welsh speaking in the family asked what it meant… and I recall thinking it was an odd metaphor (I wasnt raised Welsh speaking properly as family moved to England yn drist)


Elin Fflur An emotional song
Colli Iaith. The lyrics are on Cymraeg a Saesneg.


Some advice from Hansh. I agree!


Hia Pawb :slight_smile: Meddwl byswn i rannu hon efo chi gyd. Er bod y teitl ydi little book of rock, mae’r rhaglen y son am hanes scene cerddoriaeth boblogaidd Cymraeg, a’r linciau efo’i gwleidyddiaeth, a’r effaith ar Gymry Cymraeg, Cymru ddi-gymraeg. O Dafydd Iwan i Ffug, i’r Super Furries i’r Eisteddfodau, nes i ffeindio’r rhaglen diddorol a ffuni…

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share this with you. Although the title is the little book of rock, the programme is about the history of welsh popular music, it’s politics and the effect on Welsh speakers and non Welsh speakers, spanning from Dafydd Iwan, to Ffug (punk), the Superfurries, and how they tried to bridge the gaps between Welsh and non Welsh speakers in Wales, and what the Eisteddfod had to say about it. Interesting and funny at times :slight_smile: xx


Thank you, I have tagged it for later :hugs:


Found this video on Twitter

Mi fyddwn ni yn dathlu a chefnogi Blwyddyn Ieithoedd Brodorol UNESCO eleni.
We will be celebrating and supporting UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages this year. #UNESCO #IYIL2019






Dyma Gariad Fel Y Moroedd

Published on 28 Jun 2013
Dyma gariad fel y moroedd, Here is love vast as the ocean. A sublime version of a wonderful classic Hymn. Recorded at " the Event without walls " 1995 at Exeter Show grounds by Nikki Rose. This sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it. It is one of the most moving song I have ever listened to.

Dwi’n caru hyn mor wych! :hugs: