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Lle Hoffwn Fod
Al Lewis Band 2009


Waw! Diolch am rannu! Thanks for posting!:+1:


I heard Georgia Ruth play a track by Colorama (Pan Ddaw’r Nos) the other night where she was saying something about Brazilian influence or whatever - and it reminded me that there was someone I saw ads for apparently having done a whole recent Welsh/Brazilian fusion album of some sort. I was deeply suspicious of the idea at the time, and didn’t try to track it down, but having decided the Colorama track really works, I thought I’d give the other a try… Only now I find my Google-fu (DuckDuckGo-fu) isn’t up to the job.

Is recent singer-songwriter Welsh-Brazilian fusion ringing any bells with anybody?


Môr o Gariad - Sea of Love
Sara Meredydd



See this week’s Golwg.

Carwyn Ellis of Colorama has been recording a solo album in Brasil.


Oh, OK - so that’s the story I caught only part of (thanks!) - but I’m fairly sure there’s something else that I’m (half/mis)remembering & would like to track down…


who was asking for welsh metal? check out mammoth weed wizard bstrd on youtube, sorry for the language! they sing in welsh and they’re in focus wales in may with Skindred. I’ll be getting a ticket later, much as i LOVE welsh music, (was at a Georgia Ruth concert last night), all metalers need a metal top up every now and then!


What is the Welsh for “ditty” :wink: :wink:


Well known classic among many speakers down south I’ve noticed



Hello, RobBruce
Can you explain a bit more about the issue of archiving Welsh music due to lack of interest/resources. I’m most interested in the legal aspects of archiving properly to avoid litigation. I’m US based, so international litigation. At this point in time, I’m not in a position to help, but it’s possible in a couple of years that could change. If so, I’d like to have a workable plan to implement, as I’m researching several different ideas and one of them, archiving Welsh music would fit beautifully.


That’s a bit sad. Hearing these two songs, they have a bit of “Blondie” vibe going. Diolch am rannu! Thank you for sharing.


Singl? I made that up :slight_smile: sounds like a mix of a 45 and a jingle. Or perhaps a nasty rash on the face, or the beach at the Mumbles.

GPC Dictionary has: Cathl


Alffa is my new favorite band! Diolch o galon, RobBruce. I live in the United States and iTunes have 8 of their songs and they’re all brilliant. If what I read is accurate, they are still teenagers, 18-19 years old. Gwallgo! (Crazy!) Their sound is so beyond their years.


Dwi angen help efo dau gwestiwn? This is called “cân nansi” (Nancy’s song). Is it from a unique Welsh language play or from Oliver?

Hefyd/Also … Was this sung at an Eisteddfod. The lead’s voice is very good for a school age performance


Clawr Sound of Music COVER - the black haired woman’s voice … Duw!


Catatonia-International Velvet
(Welsh Themed Slideshow)
Gan Rhys Thomas 2007


Y Mochyn Du- Traditional Welsh Folksong. Used in the film about Hedd Wyn


Can’t answer your question but I am always amazed at the quality of teaching in schools to manage such a good performance. That often applies to school plays too.