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Beganifs, featuring a very young-looking Mei Gwynedd.


Sorry for failing to reply to this earlier.
The fact is that Welsh language pop music is a minority interest, even amongst Welsh speakers. MaesB might attract a few thousand kids every August, but most of those will only really have a passing interest. The ‘scene’ such as it is, consists of maybe a couple of hundred people. And pop music itself is mostly ephemeral, disposable. All of which means that very few people aside from a handful of saddoes like me are really that interested in preserving it in an accessible fashion for others who might have a cultural or academic interest in this strange and really quite wonderful collision of cultures. Yes, there are closed archives at the broadcasters, and the National Library keeps officially released recordings, but nothing that would allow the casual music fan to accidentally stumble across lost classics by Neu Unrhyw Declyn Arall or Swci Boscawen or Lo Cut a Sleifar.



This is bit of a side track, but hopefully not too much. Are there any record shops near Cardiff that will have a “Cymraeg” section? I would like to get some more welsh language records for the spinner but dont know where to start for older music (which I assume must have come out on record as it was pre CD). I have searched for Sain Records stuff on discogs, but without hearing what the bands are like it’s a bit of a shot in the dark - especially that they are all quite expensive! Thanks in advance!


If you’re after older stuff, and especially Sain Records stuff, you could take out a trial month on Apton and research there. As a streaming service, it hasn’t taken off as well as everyone hoped, but there’s a significant chunk of the Sain Records back catalogue on there.

If it’s more contemporary music you’re after, Spillers in Cardiff has a Cymraeg section, though it’s not huge.


Diolch am y cyngor met / Thank you for the advice mate!
I will check these out and have a look. Baiscally just after anything really - I like all sorts of music, so would be open to most things. I’ll check out Spillers when I am down in Cardiff over easter.


If you’ve got the time it’s always worth checking out charity shops - you’ll probably have to wade through a lot of male voice choirs and classical voices, but there are often some gems to be found.

Could be worth listening to some of Rhys Mwyn’s Monday night shows on Radio Cymru too (if you don’t already). He often plays older stuff (for instance, I think this weeks show was on Welsh skiffle).


There are collectors that tour the charity shops looking for rarities, though the more common stuff will get left behind for the more casual browser.

Another option is record fairs, which alongside pricey rare vinyl (often picked up for pennies in charity shops, of course!) also offer good value second hand CDs. I was amused to find at a record fair early last year that one stall holder was offering an original 7" of Clystiau Cwn’s Byw ar y Radio (SAIN 79s) for a mere £30, while another had a copy signed by the fair hand of Gareth Potter himself for just £25. There can’t be many bands where the lead singer can devalue a release by scribbling across the picture sleeve! :smile:


thank you both! I thought that was going to be the case RE the record resellers scoffing up all the “rare/valuable” ones from the charity shops. I guess it is even more like that as relatively fewer records would have been pressed in the first place making them rarer now? I’ve resigned myself to getting a CD player again so I can buy the current artists releases as a way of supporting them!


I came away with three Welsh, two Irish and one Cornish on my last multi-thrift expedition. In Australia…:upside_down_face:


damn that’s quite a haul!


I’ve just come across this whilst looking for something else (as you do!), and in another recent thread @robinredchest was asking about audio recordings, and I know there have been other threads about dialects, so which multiple threads to choose from I thought sticking the link here would be easiest.

There are recordings from various areas and transcripts (but not translations) of them on the page.

Apologies if someone’s posted it before elsewhere, but never hurts to have more than one way into these things! :wink:


Adnabod y gân? Recognise the song? :wink: (Adnabod = recognise people and places only?)


Does anyone know if there’s a Welsh equivalent(or at least similar in spirit) of Irish Sean Nos singing and what it would be called, some names of singers etc.?


There’s not really an equivalent - the traditional Welsh songs tend not to be quite so ornamented. I would think the Plygain style (usually performed at Christmas) is probably the closest.
There are singers who sing folk songs unaccompanied though. Here is one of my favourites by Heather Jones. It’s not a traditional folk song as such - it’s a poem by Harri Webb, but every time I hear Heather sing it, it sends shivers down my spine. Heather Jones - Colli Iaith




Yes, nice song & pics. The pic at 1:30 definitely looks like a view of Alltwen & Pontardawe taken from the Alltwen side. Possibly smoke/steam from a train heading up the Cwmtawe line, or perhaps from the Alloy Industrial Estate. Aladdin (vacuum flask) factory far right, past Mary’s shoulder?