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Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files


The wonderful Bronwen :slight_smile::+1:



Dechrae Amau - Al Lewis



This isn’t a video per se, although there are lots of vidoes of Calon Lan on YouTube, but it is a very helpful bilingual explanation of the song. Great for putting some meaning behind the melody!


Wow, thanks @lari for sharing this song with me. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

Eve Goodman - Dacw 'Nghariad



Dyffryn (Rooted)


Diolch…I am always happy to come across artists who meld old and new using the language and music. Here is an example of it in Irish:


Oh!!! That is one of my favorite songs ever!

I will never forget the first time I heard it, the healing tears flowed and flowed… the first twenty times really, I wept from somewhere deep within and I cannot explain. It was the beginning of my coming back from the brink of depression last year when I found this song. Thanks for sharing, @Sean-O. I’ve been meaning to listen to it again… and having just played it, I remember now how very much I enjoy singing that song too, though my Gaelge and my singing voice both need some training. :wink:


this rocks!


actually, this has blown my mind (sorry, i know i’m going over the top!!), but i will have to see them and it looks like they’re touring :slight_smile: thanks for posting i love new music!


No. You’re not :blush:
I pulled out my bodhran for the first time in about half a year…so it is I who should thank @sasha-lathrop


Awww shucks, why are you thanking me? :blush:


…for the prompt to share another revivalist group for an endangered language :grinning:


Well, then… a heartfelt “you’re welcome” is in order! I’m glad it’s awakened some of your love of music! It was something I found really resonated with me too, as I learned about my family history for the first time and I started exploring the languages, music, and culture of the places I came from. :grinning:


Ah! A fellow “bodhran-ydd”! (yes I made that word up, but rather like it!) Unfortunately you can’t hear the bodhran much on this version but you might enjoy the track anyway (it’s sung in Breton, so don’t panic if you can’t spot any Welsh!) :wink:


I really don’t think you have gone too far, there is something very powerful about that song and about that particular performance of it, in my opinion. Others have sung it, including Sinead O’Connor, but this Seo Linn rendition is by far my favorite and it touched me so intensely, it really felt like it gave me a new lease on life - perhaps because the place I was is when I found it was so very dark. So, don’t feel like you’ve gone too far at all - that is the magic and the power of music!


yes indeed, the power of music. glad it helped you in a difficult time xxxx


Today I found it really difficult to remember difficult to in the challenge. Then I have a look at this thread and see this : Wyrligigs - Anodd i Dy Siomi. I’ll probably remember it from now on.
What a perfect timing! :smiley:

p.s. this thread is great, thanks a lot so much new stuff to discover and listen! :slightly_smiling_face:

p.p.s. How about including band name and title as text every time, posting videos?
I know some do, already - and I noticed that it’s soooo helpful to try to find something or find again things I know I’ve seen before here!


Great idea @gisella-albertini! I went back and edited my recent videos to include text for the artists and song titles. :grinning: