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noswaith dda pawb! I was listening to radio cymru earlier and a song by a disco outfit called Jip, it was called “Doctor” - was extremely Disco, can’t find it online, anybody happen to have a copy? :smile:


love this, have been playing all week!


Not a song posting but a request for info;

I’ve just watched “Pen Talar” on s4c clic, and there was a background song playing, some of the lyrics were "mae’r cychod yn y bae yn crynu, mae’r pysgod yn y culfor wedi boddi. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find anything. Any ideas, please?


Love this!


New Video from Blodau Papur - Yma:

I remember the old S4C show Fideo Naw. When I was little and my Welsh was even worse than it is now, I thought it was Fideo Nawr, as in Video Now, rather than Video 9. Presumable it was on at 9 o’clock?


Fe ddaeth y teitl o’r ffaith ei fod yn cael ei ddarlledu am 9pm nos Iau ar S4C


Ni’n Beilo Nawr The Welsh Whisperer